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Welcome to the Cat Symptom Checker! Much of the information you will find on this website was created in conjunction with some of the world’s most renowned holistic/integrative veterinarians, pet herbalists, TCVMs, pet health experts, feline behaviorists, etc. It was built to offer cat parents free advice on helping your cat’s health & behavioral issues naturally.

The Two Crazy Cat Ladies™ motto is “Learn, Share, Grow” so we will continue to add more helpful information for you regularly. Please bookmark and save this webpage so you can revisit it whenever needed!

Required disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advice and suggestions offered are in no way meant to be a replacement for consulting with your veterinarian.

Skin & Coat







Other Issues & Advice

Other Issues & Advice

There are many common health issues and questions cat parents have that don’t fall into a specific “CATegory”… but we have advice and remedies that will help! Whether your cat has FeLV, Kidney Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Cancer, etc. OR you just need advice on the best food to feed and when to vaccinate – the information is right here!

Behavioral Issues

The number one reason that cats are sent to shelters is because of behavioral issues. The majority of these behavioral issues can be resolved with a little help from the humans! In this guide we will discuss how to successfully help stop common behavioral issues in cats.

Skin & Coat Issues

Our cats’ skin is the largest organ in their body. It’s the protective barrier to their environment as well as protecting their organs beneath. There are several reasons why a feline’s skin or coat might suffer, and in this guide we will discuss many of those reasons – while providing solutions.


It is estimated that 90% of cats over the age of 10 will develop some form of arthritis. Because cats are stoic, we often don’t recognize when they are experiencing pain in their joints, even if it is a result of an injury. In this guide we will discuss how to recognize and resolve joint pain in cats naturally.


Studies show that over 70% of cats will suffer from dental disease by the age of three. While some dental issues stem from genetics, the majority of dental issues in cats can be avoided with proper care. In this guide we will discuss how to combat and prevent dental issues in cats.   

Digestive Issues

Our cat’s digestive system is the key to their overall health, including all the organs required to intake and process nutrients in their food. Feline’s can suffer from a wide array of digestive issues, from mild to severe. In this guide we will discuss many of the digestive ailments and symptoms cats deal with, while offering solutions to help

Respiratory Issues

Most respiratory illnesses in cats are easily transmittable between cats and should be addressed quickly. Coughing, sneezing, runny eyes and nose or lack of appetite are common symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. There are several reasons why a cat may suffer from respiratory distress, and in this guide we will discuss many of those reasons – while providing solutions.  

Urinary Issues

Many cats struggle with urinary problems at some point in their lives. Whether it be an infection, inflammation, crystals, stones or even a blockage, there are many things that can be done to help them heal. In this guide we will discuss how to help cats recover and prevent future occurrences of urinary issues.

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