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We are here to help everyone embrace their inner Crazy Cat Person! Maybe you are already well aware that you’re a crazy Cat Lady – or maybe you resist this honorable title… it’s even possible that you may not consider yourself crazy about cats at all – and that’s fine… we know you just haven’t met the right cat yet…

In truth, Jae and I both resisted this illustrious title… at first. While we each enjoyed happy childhoods with various cat companions, and shared a genuine love for all animals, we didn’t consciously aspire to become the Two Crazy Cat Ladies… it just happened. Little by little – cat by cat – until we finally just acknowledged the facts…

We are the proudest, most passionate Two Crazy Cat Ladies you’ll ever meet. (Hoarders don’t count… we’re not clinically crazy.)

Along with our pride and passion, we also offer a solid foundation in nutritional knowledge. Jae spent more than a decade of her life as an executive in the pet nutrition industry. Her experience, knowledge and research has made an undeniable impact in the lives of countless pets and pet parents… not to mention on the health and happiness of our own babies. While the vast majority of the industry focus is on dog health, we saw first hand how important these nutritional fundamentals are for cats as well and felt it was time to bring the very best of our experience and knowledge to the community that is so close to our hearts.

Jae will tell you that I’m a little crazier than her…  and I’ll give her that. I rescued Scotch (named for scotch tape – not the drink) while she was still in high school. He was dumped in the parking lot where I worked more than 20 years ago. I found Mama on a river bank in Tennessee 6 months later. In fact, her real name was Cleo – but I was young, broke and stupid – and didn’t realize that Scotch and Cleo would fall in love and make 5 babies before her first birthday… you can read that story here… suffice to say – She has been Mama ever since.

In the fourteen years since Jae and I met, we have shared the joy of welcoming Mr. Bittles (found injured and alone under a pile of pallets), Oliver Twist (a stray who insisted on adopting us) and Pooh Bear (hands down the most bi-polar, difficult and irresistible of all our rescues).

We have committed to being the best guardians we can be to these precious little lives… and we want to share all we know, both personally and professionally, with all of you. Together, we can ensure the safety, health and happiness of all our crazy cats.

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Adrienne (Professional Cat Lady #1)

crazy cat lady adrienne lefebvre

Adrienne is the truest of true cat lovers. She has been rescuing cats from dire straights for over 20 years and canNOT help but think of her babies nearly every moment of every day. While the cats may take priority in her heart, she is also one of the most kind, considerate and authentic people you could ever meet… her smile lights up the room and her personality makes everyone feel at home… no matter who you are. She is one of a kind and her love of animals just makes her THAT much more awesome.

~Jae written, Adrienne approved (mostly).

Jae (Professional Cat Lady #2)

professional cat lady number two jae kennedy

Jae is the quintessential cat care-giver. Her many years in pet nutrition have earned her the title of ‘Docta Jae’ in our house… She’s the one who makes sure that the health and well-being of the cats are always in tip-top condition. While she’s not as ‘crazy’ about cats as I am, she loves all beings (even most people) and uses her many gifts to help anyone and everything she can – it’s her greatest joy. She never stops learning and always loves sharing – making her the coolest girl I know. Whenever possible, she also enjoys a glass or five of wine in the evenings…

~Adrienne written, Jae approved (mostly).

The Rest Of The Team…

Scotch - Senior Vice President

Two Crazy Cat Ladies Scotch

Scotch Boy: Angel Vice President as of Dec. 1st 2018

Age of Death: 101 yrs old (Yes, that’s 21 in human years)

(**work in progress – his death is still too fresh to update his job description**) Scotch is our Senior Vice President. He maintains stability and peace in the home. He is alpha without any ego or anger. His responsibilities are simply to make sure everyone is safe, secure and loved at all times. The business could not function well without our Senior Vice President, Scotch Boy.

Oliver Twist - Chief Financial Officer

Oliver Twist (aka Mr. Twister): Chief Feline Officer

Age: 73 yrs old (Yes, that’s 14 in human years)

Twister is our Chief Feline Officer. He makes sure everyone in the home stays in check. He’s very vocal when someone has displeased him (or when he wants food, or when he wants lovin’s, or when we are going outside and he has to be inside). He LOVES the computer and is more than happy to lay on our paperwork every single day (whilest we try to work). Our Chief Feline Officer is king of our business and keeps us on our toes at all times.

Mr. Bittles - Purrformance Manager

Lil’ Bit (aka Mr. Bittles): Purrformance Manager

Age: 77 yrs old (Yes, that’s 15 in human years)

Mr. Bittles is our Purrformance Manager here at TwoCrazyCatLadies.com. He is in charge of making sure that we perform our best at all times. He is a very shy individual during the day and simply oversees our daily tasks…making his points very clear with his more-than-loud purrrrr in the evening when he comes to bed. He keeps us in check and we would not be the same without our Purrformance Manager.

Pooh Bear - Treasurer / Mascot

Pooh Bear: Treasurer / Mascot

Age: 45 yrs old (Yes, that’s 7 in human years)

Mr. Pooh Bear is the most beautiful of cats and most definitely costs us a fortune…thus, the Treasurer status. He likes to spend his human’s money and he loves to love us whenever there are no other babies (cats) around. He is so amazingly gorgeous and photogenic… And he is SO loving (when there are no other cats around). A business like this could not be a business like this if we didn’t have a cat like Pooh Bear who is unlike the rest… We love him with our whole hearts and he will forever be our most treasured Treasurer and Mascot.

Zorro - Chief Ameowzement Officer & Bag Checker

Zorro: Chief Ameowzement Officer & Bag Checker

Age: 18 yrs old (Yes, that’s 1 in human years)

Zorro is our Chief Ameowzement Officer & Bag Checker. He never ceases to amaze us at how much he understands about life, business and Love. He brings such life and light into our company. He also insists on deeply checking all bags he sees – keeping us safe from… well, whatever might be unsafe in a bag.

Girl Friday - Director of Darling & Disaster

Girl Friday: Director of Darling & Disaster

Age: 18 yrs old (Yes, that’s 1 in human years)

Friday is our Director of Darling & Disaster. She is beyond cuteness and quite the ham of our home. She’s a darling, precious cuddle bug and keeps our team smiling at all times. She’s also obsessed with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. You’ll often find her randomly FaceTiming someone or turning on music to keep spirits lifted during a busy day at the office.

Mama - Guardian Angel

Mama: Angel as of Feb. 18th 2015

Age of Death: 89 yrs old (Yes, that’s 18 in human years)

Mama is our Guardian Angel. She was the tiniest of our babies – barely weighing in at 5 lbs – and yet she was the unquestionable queen of our whole clan… Her huge and amazing personality is largely responsible for making us realize our calling as The Two Crazy Cat Ladies. Mama spent every moment of her long life with us making sure we were loved, calming our fears, keeping all the boys in line and making sure we maintained a consistent routine – especially as it pertained to her breakfast time. We could not have become who we are – or continue to do what we do, without her sweet soul gently leading the way… Mama will always be the guardian angel of our home, this company, our family – and we intend to make her proud for the rest of our days, until we meet her again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…