Anxiety in cats can show subtle signs. It's important that we address the stress so that it doesn't turn into disease.

Anxiety in Cats

Symptoms, Causes & Natural Remedies

Stress and anxiety in cats is one of the leading contributors of feline disease. The same is true for us humans, but because cats are stoic, it can be difficult to spot the signs of stress. In this guide we will show you how to recognize and treat anxiety in cats – naturally.

Symptoms of Anxiety in cats

Spotting the signs of anxiety in your cat is imperative. Subtle signs of stress – left unaddressed – can lead to much bigger issues. Pay attention to your kitty and suspect anxiety if you see:

  • Hiding
  • Overgrooming
  • Sudden aggressive behaviors
  • Sudden jumpiness
  • Refusal to play
  • Sleeping all the time
  • Going outside the box
  • Eating less
  • Drinking or eating more
  • Excessive meowing or yowling
  • Urinary difficulties

Causes of Anxiety in Cats

  • High anxiety energy in household (cats carry the stress of their owners)
  • Changes in their environment
  • Punishment (cats don’t respond to negative feedback like humans – so yelling, using spray bottles, newspapers and other forms of punishment will just cause more stress – and fear)
  • Unsanitary litter boxes
  • Loud noises
  • Free feeding instead of routine feeding
  • Lack of exercise
  • Inflammatory and unhealthy diets (creates metabolic stress)
  • Forcing to be held (respect the bubble space)
  • Lack of – or competition for – key resources (these include food, water, litter, attention and love)
  • Lack of “safe spaces” (very important with other pets in the home)
  • A change of normal routine

Natural Treatments for Anxiety in Cats

Once we’ve spotted the signs of stress, it’s important to start implementing anxiety relieving practices in the home. These professional tips are tried and true – AND work great at preventing stress in our cats as well!

  1. Routine feeding, scooping & play. Ohio State University conducted a study on the importance of routine for cats. The study concluded that when cats are taken off of a routine schedule, they “exhibit sickness behaviors”. Feeding your cats, scooping their litter, and playing with them at routine times each day will help reduce their anxiety.
  2. Exercise. Just as with humans, exercise is the least expensive proven way to reduce stress. Engage with your cats in playtime for 20-30 minutes each day (on routine, of course) to keep their anxiety low and happiness high.
  3. Confidence building. This involves one-on-one playtime with your cats, taking them through the prey sequence with a wand toy. Click here to learn how to do confidence building sessions.
  4. Outside time. This isn’t possible for everyone – however, if you have a safe space in which you can take your cats outside on a leash, in a stroller or in a catio, please do. Being outside and breathing fresh air while taking in the sights and smells will offer physical and mental enrichment that can greatly reduce anxiety .
  5. Natural calming formulas. Many of the chemical sedatives that conventional veterinarians prescribe can turn our cats into a shell of their former selves. Completely numb to everything. There are plenty of natural calming aides, herbs and sprays that can be used to help take the edge off – while avoiding the toxins and side-effects of pharmaceuticals. We use Cat Calm Stress Reducing Formula, but you can also put down organic herbs like valerian, chamomile and/or catnip to help your kitty’s stress levels.
  6. A low carb, healthy diet. Just as doctors tell their human clients to cut back on carbohydrates in order to help their anxiety levels, the same goes for our cats. Cats have no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates in their diet. Yet, the majority of kibble contains 40-60% of carbs and starches. Reducing the carbs and increasing the protein for our obligate carnivores will also reduce their stress.
  7. Keeping your stress low. Studies prove that cats carry the energy of their humans. When we get stressed we excrete a hormone called cortisol, and our cats can smell it from anywhere. They take on the energy of their surroundings. Keeping your anxiety in check will also help your cat’s stress levels tremendously.


Recommended Product for Anxiety in Cats

Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula

Cat Calm is an amazing herbal liquid that’s guaranteed to induce calmness and remove anxiety in cats within 24 hours! Made from 80 herbs, 21 minerals and 7 exotic plant extracts, this natural calming remedy is a simple, fuss-free addition to your cat’s water bowl or wet food. Unlike chemical anxiety treatments, Cat Calm is safe, natural and does not contain any chemicals or toxins that can damage vital organs in your cat’s body.


Purrfect for:

  • Traveling With Cats
  • Taming Feral Cats
  • Stress Licking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis)
  • Nutritional Stress
  • Environmental Stress
  • Social Stress
  • Fear and Anxiety in Cats
  • Cats of all ages


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