It’s quite amazing to see how many different behavioral issues confidence building sessions help with kitties. Before spending an arm and a leg trying every product on the market, try this first. It is free, easy, and works wonders for cats.

Confidence is important for cats. In the wild, cats get their confidence from hunting, stalking, chasing and catching prey. Climbing trees and observing surroundings can also make them feel important. When our cats are stuck inside all day with little to no stimulation, it’s easy for them to lose their feeling of importance. Some signs that your kitty has lost their confidence are:

  • Being aggressive or easily agitated by other pets or people.
  • Sleeping all the time.
  • Refusal to play.
  • Being jumpy or anxious (like hiding when the doorbell rings).
  • Shyness
  • Going outside the box (though you need to check for health issues first)

There are many other signs of cats needing a confidence boost, but these are some of the most common. If you don’t know how your cat feels, you can be proactive and do these sessions periodically to help keep them happy and feeling special.

How To Do Confidence Building Sessions With Your Cat

  1. Take your kitty into a room alone, away from other pets and people. This works best with your cat’s favorite person, but it will work with anyone they are comfortable with. Shut the door behind you and put down your phone or any other distraction.
  2. Go down to your cats level and give them your undivided attention. This usually means sitting on the floor with them, petting and/or speaking sweetly to them. Tell them how important they are and how much you love them and want them to feel important and confident.
  3. Bring out a wand toy and start playing. Some cats will stalk and stare at the toy at first. This is fine, as it’s part of the feline instinctive nature. Keep moving the toy around and speaking to your kitty until they start playing. Let them go through the full prey sequence a few times (hunt, stalk, chase, attack, etc.).
  4. Follow this up with a treat or food. This completes the prey sequence because they’re able to eat after a successful hunt.

And that’s it! This process should take about 20 minutes and when you open that door you’ll see a happier, more confident kitty!


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