Now that the world is slowly opening back up and people are going back to work, our kitties are a bit confused. There are many cats that get anxiety when their owners suddenly are no longer there and we don’t want to ignore that.

Cats, just like dogs or even humans can experience separation anxiety. When they’re used to us being home and suddenly we are gone all day, it can cause our kitties stress. Helping them cope with this stress while you’re away isn’t as difficult as you think.

How To Help Cats That Get Anxiety When You Leave

  1. Build or supply new vertical space for your cats. Cats love novel things and any new vertical space you can give them will not only be exciting, but also a stress reducer. Cats in the wild climb trees and other tall objects to be able to observe what’s going on in their surroundings from above. They like to have the bird’s eye view because it helps them feel safe. Try building cat shelves or purchasing tall cat trees for your cats to climb when you’re away.
  2. Hide food or treats around the house. Felines were made to hunt and studies prove that cats who are able to engage in this instinctive nature have less stress. In fact, this simple behavioral option has successfully halted stress related disease in many cats too! You can purchase hunting feeders or make your own, but try hiding a teaspoon of snacks around the house for your cat to hunt while you’re away!
  3. Add natural calming formulas to their food. Giving your kitty something to take that edge of fear off of her when you leave can really help. Try and stay away from the hardcore chemical anxiety meds, as they just make your cat loopy and uncomfortable. Try natural solutions instead.


Recommended Natural Calming Solution for Cats


Cat Calm Stress Reducing Liquid Formula



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