We’re always looking for ways to enrich or enhance your cat’s life – and ours too. Recently we spoke with veterinarian, Dr. Lynn Bahr, and learned this awesome tip that we have to share with you!

While it’s a known fact that indoor cats live longer and healthier lives, it’s possible that their indoor lives are not always happier. In our recent roundtable discussion with Dr. Bahr she mentioned that our cats live in captivity. While our homes are much larger than a cage, our kitties are still captive within our four walls.

In nature our cats would have somewhere new to explore each day. They would be active, climbing trees, scouting prey and venturing to new spots. This is one of many reasons why we recommend daily playtime with your cats and plenty of vertical space. Doing these things will help mirror their outdoor lifestyle and it’ll keep their stress levels as well.

Enhance Your Cat’s Experience

The truth is, however, that our busy lifestyles don’t always allow us the opportunity to ensure our cats stay active and stress free. Dr. Bahr gave us the awesome tip of doing one new thing for your cats each day… and that is totally doable!

This doesn’t mean that you have to buy your kitty a new toy every day. It means that you can do one new thing that entices their senses. Some examples would be:

  • Open a window that’s rarely opened.
  • Move a piece of furniture to a new spot.
  • Pull out a toy they haven’t played with in a while.
  • Put catnip in a container and place it somewhere in the home for them to find.
  • Hide treats around the house.

Get creative with this, but the concept is that we want our cats to feel like they have something new to explore each day. Is this something you’ll do to enhance your cat’s life?


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