Worm eX

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This natural de-wormer uses powerful plant extracts to eliminate tapeworm, roundworm, whipworm and other pathogenic bacteria quickly, gently and effectively. Our breakthrough formula targets and destroys these parasites while protecting the healthy cells and beneficial micro-organisms within your cat’s digestive system. Unlike many commercial wormers, Worm eX is safe, organic and does not contain any chemicals or toxins that can damage the liver and kidneys.


Purrfect for:

  • Roundworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Giardia
  • Coccidia
  • Ear Mites
  • Other intestinal parasites

↓Frequently Asked Questions Below↓

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Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and unwanted side-effects from the toxic concoctions in many mainstream wormers. Most wormers contain chemical poisons and have to be processed by the kidneys and liver - but not this wormer. Worm eX  gently and effectively targets the pathogens that compromise our cat's health.

*Not recommended for heartworm.

Directions for Cats: Add 18 drops (per 10lbs of body weight) directly to food (or administer with a little water via an oral syringe) once daily for 5-7 days.

For Prevention: Follow above directions once monthly, for 1-5 days.

For dogs: 1 CC - per 10lbs body weight up to 50 lbs. 5 CC for 50lbs or over- total regardless of weight over 50 lbs.

Ingredients: Our human grade natural formula contains 100% extract of negella sative (black cumin), mentha spicata (spearmint), and cyatheales dicksoniaceae (fern).

One bottle of Worm eX will last an average-sized cat at least 30 dosages - treating up to 5 adult cats for 5-7 days.


Does it have a taste?

The plant extracts in Worm eX does give it a slight taste. Most cats have no problem eating it in their food, but if you’ve got a finicky kitty – simply dilute it with some water.



Is it safe for kittens?

Yes. Worm eX is safe for cats of all ages. The dosage is based on weight, so a kitten would only need the smallest dosage (7-9 drops per day).



Are there any side-effects?

No. Worm eX is completely natural and safe for cats & kittens of all ages.



How long will it take to get rid of the worms?

5-7 days. Although most Worm eX users will see the worms disappear in a shorter time, we suggest continuing for the full recommended time to ensure all hosts and eggs are extracted.



How often should you deworm your cat?

After the initial 5-7 days of de-worming your cat, we recommend adding Worm eX to their food once monthly (for 1-5 days) as a preventative.



Why should I deworm my cat naturally?

A cat’s body is not intended to ingest chemicals or toxins – which is why you’ll see many harsh side-effects that accompany the medical treatment of worms. If nature has provided a safe solution, then the question really is: Why deworm your cat unnaturally?



Why use a liquid dewormer?

A liquid formula is much easier to administer and studies have shown that liquids are also absorbed faster in the body.



What do I do if my cat has worms?

Keep calm and let Worm eX handle it. This is a common issue that nearly every cat will experience at least once in their lifetime and is normally not life-threatening. It’s also important to clean the cat’s bedding and the litter box frequently. We recommend doing this while deworming and after the 5-7 day treatment to ensure all eggs and any resilient worms are gone.



How do vets deworm cats?

The medical approach for de-worming cats is usually with a pill/tablet that must be force-fed to the feline. Be cautious of the side-effects often accompanying these medications (like Drontal) before using.



How much should it cost to deworm your cat?

$17.95. If taking the medical route, it’s commonly around $50 for a vet office visit plus the cost of medication (anywhere from $15-$35). The price of no side-effects? Priceless.



What causes worms in cats?

There are many reasons that a cat will contract worms. The most common carrier is fleas. Fleas feed on other animals and ingest the eggs of worms…so when a cat grooms himself with fleas, he can eat the egg and give it room to reproduce. Other carriers are rodents & birds, feces of other infected animals and a mother’s milk who is infected.



Can cats give humans worms?

It’s rare, but it can happen. It is mainly seen in children more than adults. Be sure to keep your hands clean at all times, use gloves in your garden (especially if your cat poops outside), and whatever you do, do not lick your cat. 🙂



What do worms look like?

Tapeworms usually appear to you as white rice-like pieces in the stool (though inside your cat it’s a different story).

Roundworms assume different sizes (but look like worms).

Whipworm look like tiny pieces of thread, with one end enlarged.

Hookworms are not as common in cats, but you will rarely see them in the stool without a microscope.

This picture shows what they look like in the intestines of your cat. cat-worms



How do I know if my cat has worms?

The symptoms of worm infestation in cats are unnoticeable in the early stages, which is why regular natural worm control is essential. The common symptoms of roundworms are usually vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, dull coat, and lethargy. The common symptoms of tapeworms are increased appetite, dragging the bottom along the ground due to the irritation caused by the worm, and more time spent washing its anal area. You’ll often see the egg segments in the stool, which appear as rice-like pieces. The common symptoms of hookworms are the same as roundworms, but with darker stools (caused by bleeding).



What are the side-effects of traditional treatments like Drontal?

Side-effects may include: vomiting, loss of appetite, drowsiness, increased salivation, diarrhea and disorientation.



Worm eX is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is human, pet and plant friendly.

Have Questions? Email us at info@twocrazycatladies.com or text us at 702-466-1150


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79 reviews for Worm eX

  1. Sheri D.

    my cats had tapeworms and meds from vet didnt work. called talked to J and got wormX and they were gone in a few days. amzaing product thanks.

  2. Jennifer L.

    Excellent and natural! I love that!!

  3. GILBERT (verified owner)

    Great people to do business with. On the WormX, for me it really needs to be ready to go. Graduations on the dropper showing me where specific amounts are would be nice. I would like to know what 18 drops looks like on the side of the dropper without having to buy something additional. My cats won’t reliably eat any food that’s been medicated, so I hesitate to add anything to it. Ahhhh well, just a suggestion. And I don’t see any worms at the moment after 2 days. I’ll do it for 3 more, though. Then repeat to catch the hatched eggs.

  4. Summer Grace (verified owner)

    WormX. It works!!! I called and spoke to Adrian. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. I love that I called the number and got to speak to a person that actually cared about my situation and could relate to our feline family. Absolutely wonderful experience and it worked!! Our kitties had tapeworm so bad and we didn’t notice until it was bad. After 5 days, its gone! Amazing ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Much love from Florida!
    -Summer, Shannon and our kitties Blite and Geobi ????????

  5. Sissy (store manager)

    Got some of this for my german Shepherd who had worms. Had to use a lot but noticed within 3 days that the worms were gone! 🙂 Very happy pet owner here!!

  6. Danielle (verified owner)

    Worked with both dry and wet food which I liked. Seemed efficient enough.

  7. Susan Werb (verified owner)

    Remus and Bella are calm and happy and worm free after 5 days of taking WormX. It’s strong stuff and obviously doesn’t taste or smell good to them, but a spoonful of fresh tuna helped the medicine go down and Mama feels so much better too not using toxic drugs 🙂

  8. Chelsi (verified owner)

    We adopted our little kitty a month or so ago. When we brought her home we noticed she was always extremely gassy and there was some blood in her stool. Later found out that it was worms being the culprit! So we took her in and got her a deworming pill. Tried that, didn’t even WORK!!!! So instead of getting her another one I took the computer and scowered to try and find an alternative. I came across WormX and saw the reviews and decided to give it a try! By day 2 or 3 we noticed our kitty(Dharma) was gas free and that her poop smelled less and the blood was gone. This stuff is awesome. She doesn’t like it so much but it’s a small enough dose to be manageable. I love how it’s natural and safe!

  9. Joey (verified owner)

    Following the steps provided by the sellers My feline friends were successfully dewormed in the first dose. I proceeded with the follow up dosages and the remained clean. I think two crazy cat ladies aren’t so crazy after all.

  10. Wanda Black

    Wormx is the best. My cat has stopped throwing up and no more worms after only 3 days. But I continued to treat for the full 7 days.

  11. Sarah (verified owner)


  12. Erica (verified owner)

    I have tried the pills for tape worms that do not work, wormx not only worked but after 24 hours my cats were happy and playful again .

  13. Destinee (verified owner)

    I have just started to use worm x today so I will leave another review for that.but there costumer service is awesome! I accidentally missed a number in my shipping adress and my mail man sent it back to the company. But the ladys qwick responded and sent me another asap so that my kitty’s can get better. Thanks so much ladys!much appreciated! !!

  14. KERRY (verified owner)

    we saw the worms after one treatment and was so happy with this product.Only thing I did not like was the small print on the bottle.

  15. Katherine (verified owner)

    I agree that the small print on the bottle is a little annoying, but the e-mail link was great for getting the information. The product itself is wonderful, we treated all of our cats and the “infected” cat now shows no sign of worms. Excellent product, we’ll be reordering when needed!

  16. Anders (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I bought if for a feral cat who we’ve been feeding. I noticed he’d dropped a lot of weight and was looking unhealthy. After just a week of this stuff, he’s already put some weight back on and is looking shiny and happier. I’m so thrilled with this stuff!

  17. BBB (verified owner)

    Maui never acted sick she had a very distended and firm belly, recently she acted like it was bothering her maybe, so I went on line, xrays etc. at the vet are very very expensive and I felt sure she had worms or parasites. She has only had three doses of the seven recommended but she seemed to feel better the next day after one dose,and her tummy is less every day. She is a very very purring and content kitty now, I just thought her personality was to be a little shy but now I think she didn’t want you to pick her up or pet her tummy, now she loves tummy rub. They advised to try to give with tuna water, I struggled to hold her down with the dropper but last nite, of course she didn’t like being held down, but she just opened her mouth and I squirted the drops in. I was amazed, she either knows they are helping her or she likes the taste, she cleans any she gets on her off.I give catnip treats to go with it. I am pleased I can’t say anything scientific or medical about the drops, but my cat is happier and seems to feel better and that works for me. If of course it does not go away completely or she begins to have any signs of a serious illness, I will take her to the vet, but I think she will be fine until her routine visit.

  18. Destiny (verified owner)

    It is day 6 and it seems there is still no improvement for our little juby..:/ off to the vet we go..again.

  19. Jazmin (verified owner)

    I was so scared when I found worms in my kittens stool, as I have never had a cat that had this problem. I’m in a super small town that doesn’t have very many places to shop. I started looking online and was skeptical of getting a dewormer with chemicals because of all the side effects. I purchased this product and my gandalf the grey (my handsome grey kitty) has been so happy and healthy since day one of using this product. I’m so glad i found this product. Thank you crazy cat ladies

  20. bellasboyz (verified owner)

    Not only is this product wonderful!!! The support that these ladies has given our ENTIRE family is unsurpassed!!! Never have I met two more caring people! Their positive energy alone in these products HAS to be a part of the efficacy ???? MEOW!!!!!????????????????

  21. Delilah (verified owner)

    My black cat was hissing when he would try to poop and learned he had wormies. I initially was going to take him to the vet, but, he wasn’t having it, so I decided to do something simple and cheaper / after 2 days my black cat was worm free and I was stress free – what a win win situation.

  22. Colleen (verified owner)

    I’m so happy that found this product! My youngest child constantly battled worms when she was younger, I couldn’t get rid of them even with the countless very visit and multiple treatments. We finally moved into a flea free zone, higher elevation where fleas can’t breed but low and behold she can get them from other bugs as well. I wasn’t about to put get poor little body through hell again so I searched for an all natural remedy and I found it! After the first use they were gone and now that I’ve finished the treatment I’m such a happy customer!! Thank you ladies and keep up the amazing work!!

  23. Kenny (verified owner)

    I love this product. It works very well. If your feline has worm issues, Worm eX is the way to go. I like that it is natural and safe for my cat. Thank you again, Two Crazy Cat Ladies. Good stuff!

  24. Judy (verified owner)

    I am on day 3 of medicine for the tapeworm for 2 of my babies and they are improving and seem to like the taste so not difficult to give it to them. Now looking for a solution for one cat’s continual licking from dry skin. I’ve been giving him coconut oil in his wet food, but it’s not helping

  25. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Awesome product & very fast shipping! Worked great..my cat is happy & healthy!

  26. Melinda (verified owner)

    I purchased this and it came really fast. I have given it to my cats for 5 days now. They hate the taste and its hard to get the right dosage but we are making it through. I have been dropping the right amount of drops into a clean glass dish and then sucking it back up. Im not sure if its working but I havent seen anything come out since we started.

  27. Jeff (verified owner)

    5 doses is a lot. Putting 18 drops in the cats food turned them off their favorite chow! They do not like the smell of this stuff. However, if you can get it into them, it does work as promised.

  28. Chavvah Fagan (verified owner)

    My cat is extremely finicky and definitely could tell I had put WormX in her wet food. She refused to eat it, and she NEVER refuses wet cat food. Sooo, we had to resort to holding her mouth open and squirting it down her throat. I did this once a day for 2 weeks and her worms were gone. The product definitely works, but I do not enjoy having to force it down her throat. I’m hoping she won’t get worms again, but, if she does, I know I have a safe and effective remedy in WormX.

  29. Lisa Velasquez

    It really did work! I used a different more homeopathic medicine and it didn’t work so I was a little hesitant about another all natural product even though I try to use all natural products with my cat. But gave her the proper doesage and her worms were gone within days!! And now she’s back to her crazy rambunctious self. Super happy!!

  30. Michelle

    It’s been seven days since my baby Kris has had tapeworms and unfortunately they are still present. 🙁 Ugh.

  31. Sydney (verified owner)

    I have 3 cats ???? and Worm X worked wonderfully on all three ! It’s the best natural worm product that I’ve used for them. I’ve noticed nothing as far as negative side effects and the positives are no worms and they seem to be more active and playful. I’m going to try the ladies flea product next ! Thank you ???? ladies !

  32. Modesty (verified owner)

    We have a stray we basically adopted. I bought dewormer from Walmart and it didn’t work. I decided on this because it was natural. I used it for 6 days. I think it worked because his belly isn’t as hard but he stopped eating all his food before treatment was over. I think he didn’t like taste. I do think his worms may be gone though.

  33. Conrad (verified owner)

    Wow! 4 days and the worms were gone. He was like a new cat again!

  34. tina (verified owner)

    So Far it is working. Good.

  35. tina (verified owner)

    This. Medicine. Is working. Good. For my cat

  36. Judy (verified owner)

    So far so good. With three inside cats, two cats on my back enclosed porch and a feral colony outside, worming has become a much easier task. Thank you.

  37. Margarita (verified owner)

    Just starting on this product! It is not for my cat, it is for the two feral cats that I feed ourside. I’m very hopeful it will work!Thank you for the fast shipment!

  38. Rachel

    My cat seems to have a very mild case as tapeworm as I’ve only seen the white rice around his butt twice and I’ve never seen anything in his poop. So I wanted to get something natural to get rid of the worms without a bunch of chemicals. Unfortunately, this stuff has an unpleasant taste. I put a bunch of drops mixed in with their wet cat food (I have two cats, so I just figured I’d use it in both their food since sometimes they switch bowls) and they would barely touch it. Out of curiosity and based on another comment I saw, I put the dropper to my own tongue and with less than a drop, It tasted awful and almost left a numbing sensation on my tongue. If I try to administer it directly in his mouth, he foams up and wastes half of it and won’t really eat it in his food. It definitely seems to work but be mindful of the awful taste (and I don’t know if it numbs them or not!) if you have a picky cat like I do, they probably won’t like it. This would be much better if the unpleasant taste was more well known to the buyer or if the taste could be masked easier.

  39. MDB (verified owner)

    very good product. nothing was working for my cat’s worms. I saw this and thought I would give it a try. He’s had 5 doses and I don’t see any more evidence of worms. My only problem was that as soon as I put it in his food and turned up his nose and wouldn’t eat it. I have to hold him and give it to him orally and I guess on the dosage. I agree with Gilbert, measurements on the dropper would be really helpful. Otherwise, an excellent product so far.

  40. Lauren (verified owner)

    Shocked with how well this worked! Will definitely spread the word about the product!

  41. Lorri D.

    This treatment was easy and the cat didn’t even notice he was taking it. Great product!

  42. Rachael D (verified owner)

    Great product, the worms are gone and my cat had no qualms about eating her food with the drops in it. I love that this product is natural and works!

  43. Kristen A. (verified owner)

    Works very will for my girl. It obviously taste horrid but it gets the job done. Cheapest and efficient medicine that works for all worms. I highly recommend it.

  44. Joanne Halpin (verified owner)

    Amazing product. After two rounds of this, problems were resolved.

  45. Joanne Halpin (verified owner)

    Amazing product. After two rounds of this, problems were resolved. My cat is very picky about smell, taste and even not letting me sneak a little extra water in his food. He ate his food up with this without hesitation – which is suprising because black seed has a strong taste. Sometimes I think their inner wisdom may recognize their need for the herb/medicine they sense!

  46. Jeannette Patocskai (verified owner)

    I work in a shelter and I am really liking this product….much safer than the traditional med. I am definitely going to explore other products. I manage the infirmary and am very fortunate that I am allowed to approach the kitties in a more natural way.

  47. flowergarden (verified owner)

    Worm-X has not worked for my cat. She hates the taste too. How long can I continue giving it to her or do I just stop? So far I’m very disappointed.

  48. Olivia (verified owner)

    For anyone who is hesitant about buying, this stuff is legit! My two kitties were infested with worms. I’m talking about pulling 3 at a time.
    I have purchased other products from twocrazycatladies (their flea medicine) and I can say from personal experience their products are awesome! My kitties are now worm free after 6 days of using. I can finally snuggle with them in bed knowing that they are worm free 😀 thank you twocrazycatladies!

  49. Pam (verified owner)

    This product worked great when two of my cats tested positive for hookworms. I simply added it to their food for 7 days, and there have been normal poops ever since! I highly recommend using this as a safe and all natural alternative to anything pharmaceutical.

  50. Brandi L White (verified owner)

    I was super excited to find something natural. The first time i just squirted in my cats mouth amd she started foaming at the mouth. So then I decided to mix it with water in put in a syringe and just squirt it in her mouth. Still foamed at the mouth and still has worms. Very disappointed.

  51. Christine M Carignan (verified owner)

    Amazing products thank you very much

  52. Joe Gupton (verified owner)

    Don’t know the effectiveness of it yet since the cat that I am treating is a feral cat and it has been only 6 days. He just comes by to eat 1 or 2 times a day. I will add more when I get a chance to observe him more. He seems to eat pretty good .

  53. Tina (verified owner)

    We have tried so much crap and nothing would work we got yours and everything is great again thank you

  54. Tina (verified owner)

    We’ve tried a lot of other stuff and it never worked we got yours and now she’s clean again and everything is wonderful again thank you

  55. Carole Brastock (verified owner)

    Cats will not eat any food with the Worm X in it. Basically I wasted my money. Wasted alot of canned at food also. Sorry.

  56. Kelly Mullins (verified owner)

    Complete waste of my money & wet cat food. My cats won’t even go near their plates of food with the drops on it.

  57. Kelly Mullins (verified owner)

    Complete waste of money & food. My cats won’t go near their plates of food with these drops on it v

  58. jim (verified owner)

    Just received it have not used it yet, but sure it will work fine

  59. Sarah (verified owner)

    The cats will not go near the food with this on it. I did put it in their mouths with a syringe. They gagged and reeled. I then tried to soften the blow by diluting with water. Same response. They vomited and gagged for several minutes. I wish this came in pill form. That would be much easier. I do not know if the product works as I was only able to get a small amount in, in a two day period.

  60. randyinnashville (verified owner)

    Great product…. FAST shipping…. Couldn’t ask for more!

  61. Valerie (verified owner)

    My cat had diarrhea for two weeks, we went to the vet and they put him on antibiotics for a week, and it didn’t help. He was eating easy for stomach diet and probiotics, and nothing seemed to be helping, we were really worried. I ordered wormex because I didn’t want to give even more antibiotics to my cat, three days into treatment and no more diarrhea 🙌🏻 Thank you, ladies for
    Natural, non toxic solution for our babies!

  62. Debby (verified owner)

    Noticed a tapeworm in feces. Gave worm x and the problem was solved without harmful drugs.

  63. Michelle (verified owner)

    Rescued a stray cat this winter. Ordered this and within a day of dosing, it was passing worms out! Works well.

  64. Gay Rose (verified owner)

    Still trying to get rid tape worms, they will leave an then repeat again, after 24 hours they come back. Fixing to go to the vet. The cat seems better but can’t get rid of the tapeworms.

  65. Gay Rose (verified owner)

    Still trying to get rid tape worms, they will leave an then repeat again, after 24 hours they come back. Fixing to go to the vet.

  66. Cathrine (verified owner)

    This product works so much better than the “chemically” things we get from the vet. Three days and seeing no more worms.

  67. Lisa S. (verified owner)

    WORMex is amazing! My cat was continually throwing up, and losing weight. I was ready to take her to the vet. I researched her symptoms and decided to give her WORMex. After ONE treatment, she stopped throwing up. I finished out a 7 day treatment, and am now waiting the week, as the instructions advise, to start the treatment again. I will be using WORMex regularly now, to prevent this from happening again. My vet is all about harsh drugs and chemicals, so I was so glad to find my Bootsie this safe alternative.

  68. Lorna

    HI, I am a new cat momma. I some what gotten adopted by a Handsome stray Ginger boy, his name is Chester (I named him), He is an outside cat due to my landlord doesn’t want any type of animal in the house. I recently noticed that Chester is passing stinky gas … I am asking would it be to presumptuous to consider giving him this right now?

  69. Valerie H. (verified owner)

    At first my cat seemed to not like the taste (or maybe the smell) and after two meals he seemed to have adjusted and did eat his food. After five days he has come back to his ‘old self’ and definitely seems happier and healthy.
    Thank you for the this product. Vh

  70. Barb Satterlee (verified owner)

    Waiting to see if it works. I have e a stray and she’s such a good baby

  71. Karen T. (verified owner)

    The cat ate her food with these drops and it seems to have worked. She’s eating normal again.

  72. Kari B. (verified owner)

    You guys are awesome!

  73. Lorelei Ives (verified owner)

    You guys did great! However, I cannot get my cats to take the worm medicine short of shoving it down their throats! That’s a lot of drops for my big cat! Idk what to do! 7 days x 2 with fighting with them? In re thinking the pinch of Copenhagen that a lot of people are big in. 🤔 I do love your sight! What you stand for! All the things you do to make the world a better place! And i just LOVE your names you picked out! 😁

  74. Celeste W. (verified owner)

    My cat will not eat her food with this mixed in very well, so I’ve been unable to dose her accurately so far. I will continue trying! The price is right for a natural alternative to medicines and vet visits.

  75. Marisol Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Pawsome product!

  76. Kim P. (verified owner)

    So far so good! My 8-month-old female orange tabby came from the Humane Society complete with a bacterial infection, yeast issues, and parasites. She’s been on the bad drugs for parasites (giardia twice) then tape worms that were not found until much later (she’s had no fleas since I got her). She’s at the end of her 7 days of WORMeX, and I’ll start her on the 4 intestinal products when those arrive. She’s had loose or watery stools since she came home with me on November 7th. She’s seen 2 vets and my alternative doc; I’m hoping the 4 new products will resolve her issues. I will do another course of WORMeX when the instructions tell me to. Thank you CCL! I’ve done alternative medicine for more than 30 years and trust it the most!

  77. Monica V. (verified owner)

    I used it once on both cats. I’m scared to use it again so idk if it’s working. One of my cats has a weird wet cough since the first dose. Not sure if that’s normal but it’s been three days…

  78. Eve (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. Waiting to see how my kitty does. So far, so good.

  79. Alena Kytka (verified owner)

    Very helpful, but do not have this product yet, still being shipped. Thanks for wonderful service.

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