Feline Aggression

Cat Calm is an herbal remedy designed to relieve feline aggression & anxiety. This product works wonders for kitties that don’t get along with other pets in the home. While it won’t magically make them best friends (although it did in our home), it will help reduce the stress that many cats feel when threatened or upset by other animals. Add the recommended drops into a small amount of water and mix this in with your aggressive cat’s food daily. Should see results quickly.

Other suggestions:

  • If the aggression came on suddenly with other cats or dogs that usually get along, try reintroducing your animals to each other as if they were meeting for the first time. This can take a few days, but will also help reduce the stress.
  • Be sure to keep your stress levels low when around your aggressive cat. Kitties take on the stress of their humans and they can literally smell it. Keeping your anxiety in check will help greatly in this process. 

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Our advice and suggestions are based upon research and experience in natural support in this area. This advice is in no way meant to be a replacement for consulting your veterinarian about your cat’s condition.