Did your cats suddenly start fighting out of nowhere? This can sometimes happen when there’s a trigger called redirected aggression.

For us, this happened when our cats saw a stray cat outside the window one night. They suddenly turned on each other and stopped getting along. We thought it may subside after they had time to cool down in separate rooms, but each time they saw each other again they flipped out. Upon consulting a feline behaviorist, she explained that a reintroduction is what was needed. That sounded weird, as they used to be best friends, but we went through the process of reintroducing them again and it worked! Here’s how to do that.

Another time this happened, and we had no idea what the trigger was (it could have been another stray cat, but we didn’t see). The aggression wasn’t as bad this time, the cats just seemed to not like each other as much and one of the cats would growl or hiss when the other cat came near him… but he didn’t lash out. In this case, we did confidence building sessions with the aggressive/anxious kitty and after just one session you could see the difference! This was quite remarkable, as the short confidence building session was so easy. They all get along just fine now and there have been no more episodes in a couple years. Here’s a link on how to do confidence building sessions.

If you’re in this situation and your kitties suddenly have redirected aggression, try one or both of these tactics, stay calm, and help your cats get along again!


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