Tips for Dealing with Bully Cats

Tips for Dealing with Bully Cats

Is your cat exhibiting bully-like behavior? Before you jump to conclusions, it’s important to understand that cats aren’t actually bully cats in the same way that humans can be. The feline behavior is often influenced by instinct and their environment. If...

Why Is My Cat Farting?

Sure. Farts can be funny. But if you smell your cat farting a lot you know the funny is over. And it’s not just because of the fumes. A fun fact about cats is that it’s actually more common for a cat to burp. I know, it’s unseemly to talk about any...

The Truth About Vegan Diets For Cats

Some recent ‘research’ about vegan diets for cats is bogus. Even the study itself says so – you just have to read past the headlines. “Vegan Diet Healthier For Cats Than Meat…” and “Cats on plant-based diet tend to be...

Top 7 Maine Coon Cat Facts

The Maine Coon Cat is known as the Gentle Giant of domestic cats – but their size isn’t the only thing that makes these cats so special. Everything about a Maine Coon seems magical – as anyone owned by one of these cats already knows. But today...
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