The WRONG Way To Play With Your Cat

Playing with your cat is not just a pastime; it’s a crucial part of keeping them mentally and physically stimulated. Among the plethora of toys available, wand toys are one of the most interactive options for cats. However, there’s an art to play with your...

Why Do Cats Smell Everything?

Cats navigate their world in ways that often baffle us humans. While our eyes are the primary source of information, a cat’s world is shaped by its keen sense of smell. If you’re wondering why cats smell everything around them, this blog will explain why...

Help! My Cat Doesn’t Like To Be Brushed

Grooming time with your cat is so important. Not only does brushing your cat help remove dead skin and hair as well as stimulate better blood circulation, but it also helps build the bond between you and your kitty. Cats are known for their independent and sometimes...

True or False: Cats Are Neophobic And Picky

Is it true that cats are neophobic and picky about everything? While many cat owners consider their kitties as having hesitancy to change, there is good reason behind most of this. Understanding why our cats can be picky is key to helping expand their palettes and...

How To Help A Scared Cat

If you have a scared cat, it can be challenging to help them feel more confident, social, and secure. However, with some patience and persistence, you can help your cat overcome their fear and become a happy and confident feline. The first step in helping a scared cat...
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