3 Tips On Caring For Cat Grass

There are so many benefits to offering our indoor cats organic grass to chew or eat. You can purchase cat grass at most pet stores and bring it home as a healthy treat for your kitties, however, caring for cat grass is sometimes difficult. In this article we’ll...

Top 7 Maine Coon Cat Facts

The Maine Coon Cat is known as the Gentle Giant of domestic cats – but their size isn’t the only thing that makes these cats so special. Everything about a Maine Coon seems magical – as anyone owned by one of these cats already knows. But today...

How To Stop Cats From Chewing Cords

Cat are known for being curious – and sometimes that curiosity gets them into trouble. If your cat has a habit of chewing cords, you already know this. Chewing electrical cords first poses the most serious risk to your cat’s life. The wrong chomp and your...

How To Advocate For Your Cat

The moment we adopt a cat, they become our family. And as a family member, it’s important to know how to advocate for your cat. Everything about their lives hinges on the decisions we make for them. The first time I really realized this felt scary for me. I felt...
Are Automatic Litter Boxes Good?

Are Automatic Litter Boxes Good?

Automatic litter boxes are growing in popularity – and as a cat parents we’re always looking for ways to make our feline friend’s life better. So are these automated wonders a good idea?Automatic litter boxes are a great solution for daily scooping....

How To Help A Scared Cat

If you have a scared cat, it can be challenging to help them feel more confident, social, and secure. However, with some patience and persistence, you can help your cat overcome their fear and become a happy and confident feline. The first step in helping a scared cat...
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