How To Clean Cat Toys

Cat toys are the best – but have you ever thought about how to clean cat toys? Or why how we clean our cat’s toys is important? If your cats are anything like ours, they have a ton of toys. We know they can’t play with all the toys, all the time...

How To Extend Your Cat’s Life

You’re a proactive cat parent looking for ways to extend your cat’s life – until forever – right? I mean, everyone wants the blessing of forever with their loved ones. We’re on a mission to ‘build’ the longest living cat(s)....

Help For Cats That Sleep Too Much

Contrary to popular belief, cats that sleep all day and night without any interactive time are stressed out. It’s true that it’s normal for most cats to sleep 14-16 hours per day, but they should be active when they aren’t resting. If your kitty is...
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