You’re a proactive cat parent looking for ways to extend your cat’s life – until forever – right? I mean, everyone wants the blessing of forever with their loved ones.

We’re on a mission to ‘build’ the longest living cat(s). To date, the oldest cat in history lived to be 38 years old. I’m pretty sure at least one of our cats will make it to 40+ years of age because of all the great information we’ve learned about longevity in kitties. Today I want to share some of those tips with you so that you, too, can prolong your kitty’s life.

How To Help Extend Your Cat’s Life

  1. Diet is key. If you follow our blog or any of our social media posts, you know that we are passionate about feeding our cats a species appropriate diet. Health begins in the gut, and what food we give our kitties defines the health of the gut. Most cat parents feed a highly processed diet to their kitties, but if we’re using our common sense we know that’s not the best diet for health. Feeding a fresh food diet is going to help the body better care for itself.
  2. Keeping stress levels low. We all know that stress is one of the leading causes of disease, and the same goes for our cats. The longest living cats had stress free lives. Their owner actually built them their own theater and played cat TV during the day. Jake Perry (the owner) was a farmer and lived a pretty stress-less life himself, so his kitties didn’t have to carry his anxiety either. Do your best to keep your cat’s anxiety as low as possible to extend their lives.
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercise is actually the best stress reducer, but it also naturally detoxes the body. Giving our cats environmental enrichment and regular playtime is a great way to decrease disease markers and increase longevity of life.
  4. Limit chemical exposure. We’ve met several cat parents whose cats lived well into their 20s being fed a processed kibble diet. When we ask them for more insight into their cats’ lives we find out that they were rarely given vaccines or medications. Almost all of them lived in a rural area with plenty of room to exercise and breathe in fresh air. While our intentions for using these chemicals are to extend our cat’s lives, they often have the opposite affect. Always do your deep research before allowing your kitties to be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals.

There isn’t just one single thing that creates longevity of life for our cats. If we want them to live the longest lives possible we need to look at their overall physical and mental health – and adjust their worlds accordingly.


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