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This CATastic Wellness Kit is exactly what every cat needs to be and stay at optimal health levels. Did you know that the food we feed them isn’t enough? There are key enzymes missing in all of our fur babies processed foods that are needed for overall health and longevity of life. Keep your kitties immunity, digestive & respiratory health in tip top condition by supplementing these simple liquid formulas into their daily diets!

Purrfect for:

  • Digestive Support
  • Respiratory Support
  • Skin/Coat Support
  • Recovery Time
  • General Health Maintenance 
  • And Much, Much More!

Keep your kitty in Catastic Health with our powerful Wellness Kit!

Our super potent CATalyst formula combines the live enzymes and antioxidants needed to optimize overall cat health, support healthy joint function, help keep shedding down & the coat shiny, and reduce inflammation naturally!

Our Oxy-Cat is designed specifically to oxidize the cells in your feline friend's body, balance the pH levels and keep nasty bacteria & viruses away.

Also great for cats recovering from injuries or ailments. Our all natural ingredients provide an extra boost to the immune system - providing faster healing time.

Purrfect for for cats of all ages!

How it works:

Add 1/4 teaspoon of the CATalyst to your cat's wet food once daily.

Add 4-8 drops of the Oxy-Cat into your cat's wet food twice daily.

Both products can be added to the same feeding.

One CATastic Wellness Kit will last one cat approximately 100 days!

Kit contains One 1oz Oxy-Cat and Two 2oz CATalysts.

Have Questions? Email us at or text us at 702-466-1150

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Weight 6.9 oz

32 reviews for CATastic Wellness Kit

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  1. Debbie P. (Verified Customer)

    It seems to work very well but I have a LOT of kitties. Over 20 that I care for so it is hard to tell with them. I did start some kittens on it and it worked quite well on their sneezing. I buy it as I can afford it. I would recommend it highly.

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  2. Maria (Verified Customer)

    I have been giving the CATalyst to our 9 year old Russian Black, who was always twitching and over-grooming so much she had lots of bold spots. Our vet her in New Zealand had checked her out years ago and said it’s not a skin problem or anything else, just give her this tablet (the pet equivalent of Valium). This did nothing but have her doped out for 24 hours, she didn’t move of the pillow, we brought her her water and food as she had no energy to move, it was just awful – that’s not what we wanted for her! So we decided not to give that tablet anymore and that she could have bold spots. But then I saw this product and thought I’ll try it for her. I’ve been using it on her food for 4 weeks now and every week I see progress. No more twitching, she is much more relaxed, grooms herself at a normal pace now, and the hairs have a chance to grow back. Also, her fur is getting softer and silkier by the day, she is looking so healthy! I have just received my second order, so happy with how it helps her! I can highly recommend buying and using this product.

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  3. derbyrex (Verified Customer)

    When I started my kitty on the CATastic Wellness Kit, she had been vomiting daily. Within a few days the vomiting stopped. Within a few more days, her long lost energy had returned. She will be 6 yrs. old in August, had been sleeping most of the day and night, and not interested in playing. Now she is acting like a very young cat again. Curious and investigating most everything during the day and we are both enjoying our play sessions together again! Thank you so much, 2 Crazy Cat Ladies!

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  4. Jessica Burgess (Verified Customer)

    Love these products! They keep my kitties healthy and happy!

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  5. Jen (Verified Customer)

    Since putting Samson on these 2 products, he seems to feel better and have more energy. I haven’t seen him interested in the laser pointer in a long time but he chases it all the time now.

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  6. Donna (Verified Customer)

    I started my Maine Coon x on this just over a week ago, so probably too early for a review. My hope is it calms down his daily aggressive scratching around the head, head shaking & over grooming. Symptoms either caused by FHS or anxiety.
    I am at a loss in how to help him without having to go to conventional anti-anxiety meds. He was on gabapentin which did help in the beginning, but then suddenly all his issue returned. The next step would be adding prozac, which I hope to avoid.
    I am praying we start to see results soon as he is now developing bald spots behind his ears. (if he was a short coated cat, they would be bald. but his long coat masks it a bit). I often have to put a donut on him when not home or overnight when I can’t monitor him.
    I just want a happy cat who scratches on occasion for an itch.

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  7. Patti King (Verified Customer)

    I love these products!!! We have 8 indoor fur babies and 4 of them all suddenly started sneezing and having congestion. I ordered the Wellness Kit and the shipping was fantastic. It was here in two days!! I started dosing the kids and saw immediate results in my youngest male. Three of the older females are still sniffling but are markedly better. These Ladies know there stuff!!! Thanks!!!!

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  8. Mona (Verified Customer)

    I wanted to wait a couple weeks before i reviewed this product. I an very happy with the Catastic wellness kit. I have seen an improvement in all 4 of my kitties. Would recommend for overall health. Shipping was wonderful! Will buy again!

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  9. Lisa (Verified Customer)

    My cat has had some disgestive issues (vomits sometimes) and recently wheezing issues. Possibly a mild case of feline asthma. I reached out to a friend who introduced me to Two Crazy Cat Ladies. I emailed them and Jae was so quick to respond. I purchased this kit and have been using it a little over two weeks and I have noticed my kitty’s vomitting has decreased a lot and he doesnt wheeze as much either. I am so happy I found out about this product. I definitely recommend it.

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  10. Melissa (Verified Customer)

    I have a cat that I’m unable to get in a carrier as he came to me as a stray with a lot of issues. I had been using the virax as a cat he came with was diagnosed with feline leukemia. Since I ran out of virax and had it on order I decided to try the CAtastic wellness kit on him That I had on hand. I have to say his whiskers are now growing back, his coat is a lot healthier , he seems to be more relaxed and his appetite is a lot better. He was never the type of cat to play but since he’s been on these products I’ve come to find toys all over his room. I will continue to use this combo as it seems to be doing wonders for him.

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  11. Kris rowley (Verified Customer)

    All products work and orders are filled and received shortly after that. I received mine the next day

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  12. Dana (Verified Customer)

    My foster fail kitty has a sensitive stomach and used to throw up after every meal. This product solved the problem almost immediately! I am on my third set and highly recommend for digestive issues.

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  13. Marlene Saunders

    My cats were experiencing chronic ear infections and rashes on their ears. I tried the Rx that my Vet gave me, however their ear problems would clear and then reappear again. It felt like an endless battle. I decided to try and find products that were natural and that could be also used systemically. I thankfully found The Two Crazy Cat Ladies in my search and purchased Catalyst and Oxycat, which have helped tremendously. Adrienne and Jae are so lovely and fun and they give so much free and helpful knowledge on their various media platforms. I will definitely be a loyal, repeat customer. Thank you so much for helping my kitties’ health and for helping my stress levels as well.

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  14. Sally (Verified Customer)

    I add the recommended doses of these supplements to two of my cats food. They took to them right away without any suspicious sniffing around. They’re also tolerating them with no obvious side effects. It’s a bit soon to see the effects of the supplements on their health, but so far, I’m impressed! Shipping was so fast I think they arrived the day after I placed my order!

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  15. carrie-lynne (Verified Customer)

    I am so thrilled with these products!
    Within 5 days I notice a change in his coat, so silky, shiny and soft. The anti-inflammatory properties must be working as I have seen him jump up on the furniture and even chase my other cat around. They say “The Proof is in the pudding”, well, the proof is in seeing my 12 yr old act like a kitten again! Thank you ladies!

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  16. Angie Barker (Verified Customer)

    I have a cat that showed up at my house and we decided to take in. When we took him to the vet we were told he has FIV. His lymph nodes under his ears were huge. Antibiotics did nothing to help. The vet said to try and keep him comfortable. I came across this product in Tik Toc and had to try it. Within 2 weeks my cat started acting better and his lymph nodes went down. I highly recommend this product. I’ve been giving it to my cat for several months now.

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  17. Carly (Verified Customer)

    My cat is healthy and pretty active, but has a some digestive upsets sometimes. I mostly bought this product preventatively. My cat didn’t have any problem eating his food after the supplements were added and has had any negative reactions of any kind.

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  18. Carol (Verified Customer)

    My cat tends to have stomach issues and since adding Catalyst to his food it’s improved quite a lot.

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  19. Carly T. (Verified Customer)

    My cat Ozzy started losing hair and was scratching and over grooming. The Two Crazy Cat Ladies helped me with open arms, and genuinely wanted to help! They offered loads of guidance besides just selling a product. So far Ozzy loves the wellness kit products in his food. Will update on progress!

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  20. Renee Michelle Moreau (Verified Customer)

    Saw the difference in my senior cats in two days. Coat is healthier, calmer, friendlier demeanor. Less agitated.
    Amazing products.

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  21. Linda Hall (Verified Customer)

    We use this every day for our 12 kitties! It has helped so much!!!! It’s a staple in our cat cabinet.

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  22. Britney (Verified Customer)

    This kit is a lifesaver! My cat was throwing up hairballs once a week before I started using the CATalyst. Now that I have been using it for a while, he hasn’t thrown up at all! It’s amazing, I am so happy this helped him!

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  23. Anna (Verified Customer)

    I used Oxy-Cat, Catalyst and Vira-X for nasty cough, sneezing and snotty noses with great results in 4 days! I thought one tiny dumped off kitten was going to die but he is eating and seems to be on the mend now. I had been using colloidal silver and homeopathic medicine without results for 2 weeks prior.

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  24. Abby Hart (Verified Customer)

    I give this to my geriatric girl and it’s been so good for her constant head colds, allergies and appetite. Thank y’all!

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  25. Veronique Prezeau (Verified Customer)

    I had hoped this product would help my sweet Diana, but she was too far gone with her respiratory infection. She passed away on 1/19/23. Your products are incredible, and really helped her overcome her Hyperesthesia. I can’t stop recommending your products to all my cat parents.

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  26. Ann Morscher (Verified Customer)

    I have 7 cats and use Catalyst daily on all of them. Oxy Cat is great for cats with immune issues. Love love love these products!

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  27. dmwalker214 (Verified Customer)

    My 13-year-old tuxedo cat, Walker, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 3 months ago and recently found to be hypertensive. He has, as well, always had digestive issues and frequent vomiting. I am currently giving him CATAlyst, Oxy-cat, and B12. In just a short period of time I have noticed that his vomiting has decreased dramatically that he has more energy. He has become much more playful and extroverted. These products are GREAT. I highly recommend them to anyone whose companion animal could use them!!

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  28. Brandy Norman (Verified Customer)

    Started using oxy cat in my kitty babies ears and the mites have already begun to clear up and the stinkyness is gone! This stuff is a life saver, I have literally tried every natural remedy I could find with no luck but this stuff has almost completely healed their ears in just 3 days!! Thank you for such an amazing product!

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  29. Pat Y. (Verified Customer)

    This combo has improved my cats health tremendously, as she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease.

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  30. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Great bundle of two wonderful products.

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  31. Teresa W. (Verified Customer)

    Love this stuff, works great when I give to my kitties when I feel like they need it! They don’t like when i mix with their food, so I give with syringe and they take it very well. Great product!

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  32. Maryann N. (Verified Customer)

    Customer service is amazing. My concern was answered within 24 hrs and that helped me choose the appropriate supplement for my senior cat. I just tried mixing it with wet food and I’m happy that my cat ate it all up. I hope to see results soon.

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