YES! Even indoor cats need exercise!

It’s common for us to think that our cats are lazy because they sleep most of the day. Because of this, we tend to not engage in playtime with them on a regular basis.

Once our feline friends grow out of their ‘kitten phase’ they still need a daily exercise routine. In the wild, cats of all ages will engage in hunting and chasing prey several times per day. While some of this is for food consumption, it is also instinctive to their nature.

Cats need exercise to maintain healthy weight and keep their muscles, organs and joints in healthy condition. Exercise can also help curb some behavioral issues in kitties.

If you feed a non-species appropriate kibble diet and leave it out all day, you may notice that your kitty likes to come to the bowl and eat several times per day. This is often a result of boredom. Having them ‘hunt’ their kibble is one way to bridge the gap between a cat’s natural instinct to hunt prey while increasing exercise levels. We recommend taking 20 minutes out of your day for playtime with your kitty and feeding a species appropriate diet, but we all have to start somewhere!

Obesity in cats is one of the most common causes of ailments these days. While food plays a big role in obesity levels, so does exercise. Just like humans, diet and exercise are both essential to a healthy functioning feline body. Cats need exercise just as much as we do!

To help improve the overall health of your kitty, set aside some time to spend with them in playtime. This will not only help their health, but will also strengthen the bond between you and your cats. Some of our cats favorite playtime toys include peacock feathers, laser toys and organic catnip toys.

If it’s difficult to get your kitty to engage in playtime, try adding some natural immunity and joint boosters to their food. When they feel good they’re more likely to want exercise!


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