I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they’re getting a cat because “they’re easy pets.” Because cats are perceived as independent, many think kitties don’t need much, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cats need attention just as much, if not more, than dogs.

You see, cats are stoic animals. That means that they instinctively mask their pain. Because they are considered prey to larger animals in the wild, they must hide their “feelings” to stay safe. Any sign or smell of fear leaves them vulnerable to being attacked.

Some say that cats are fully domesticated, but that’s not true. Recent studies show that the DNA of cats in our home are 95.6% the same as tigers in the wild. The feline instincts are strong for our kitty companions and cat parents have to work hard to understand their nature.

Are You Present For Your Cat?

In my professional opinion, indoor cats need attention from their parents more so than dogs do. Dogs are much more domesticated and they’re also very expressive. If your dog stubs her toe she’ll likely let you know with a big whimper and maybe even a limp. Cats will hide a painful infection in their body or even arthritis until they can no longer mask it. If we don’t pay attention to our cats then we can miss some serious issues they might be dealing with.

This doesn’t mean to become a helicopter cat parent and stress over every breath your cat takes. That will actually cause more harm than good, I promise.

Be present in your relationship with your kitty. Schedule time together each day to engage, play and pay attention to your cat’s wants and needs. Building this bond with our cats will help both them and us live longer and happier lives.


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