World-renowned holistic pet expert gives you the exact ingredients offering help for asthma in cats, and it's easier than we thought!

Asthma in Cats

Symptoms, Causes & Natural Remedies

Asthma in cats can be difficult to manage and heartbreaking to watch. We’ve partnered with a world-renowned holistic animal expert, Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom, to offer real, proven advice on how to help your kitties who are struggling with asthma.

The following information is provided to you by Julie Anne Lee, DCH RCSHom from Adored Beast Apothecary

Help for Cats with Asthma

Symptoms of Asthma in Cats:
  • Increased audible purring/ purring may become louder or more noticeable
  • Coughing – can sound just like a hairball, and is often misdiagnosed in early stages as a hairball by pet professionals/veterinarians. When left untreated, coughing can lead to scarring of the lungs (a chest x-ray is needed to diagnose asthma).
  • Increased respiratory rate (normal resting respiration rate for cats is between 15-30 breaths per minute).
  • Abdominal breathing (their tummy looks like it is pushing out and in more often and it often takes longer for your kitty to exhale).
  • Can look like they are gaining weight around their bellies
  • Wheezing sounds in later stages

Potential causes: 
  • Litter (dusty litter, clay clumping litter)
  • Household fragrance (wall plugs, aerosol mists, air fresheners, perfume, fabric softeners, laundry soap, scented candles)
  • Household dust (especially consider under the beds, under the furniture, and other areas you don’t routinely vacuum, but your cat can get to)
  • Lack of fresh or open air/poor indoor air quality
  • Processed food that lacks antioxidants
  • Over-vaccination/vaccinating instead of titering
    • *See more information & resources below
  • Topical flea and tick treatments (pesticides and insecticides)
  • Stress and boredom
    • *See more information & resources below
  • Upper respiratory tract infection that was incorrectly treated or not treated
  • Seasonal allergies, pollen
    • *See more information & resources below

Natural Treatment for Asthma In Cats

**All of the below ingredients have been combined into easy to use, palatable formulations especially developed for felines by Adored Beast Apothecary founder Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom.**

See below for product links.

“The number one support for asthma in kitties that I have used for more than 25 years with wonderful success is N-acetyl Glucosamine (NAG).

When you think about glucosamine as a natural anti-inflammatory for joints, NAG acts similarly but on the smooth muscle and interstitial linings of the body – for example, the lungs.

Marshmallow root and slippery elm work in tandem to exert a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and keep it functioning at its optimum level. They were traditionally given to help moisten and maintain a normal inflammatory response in the lining of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary tracts. Those same traditional values hold true today.

L-glutamine is a component of healthy connective tissue and mucous membranes. It supports healthy mucous membranes and linings in the respiratory and digestive tracts. It supports the strength of the mucosal lining and helps to maintain a normal inflammatory response.

Pre and probiotics that are proven to modulate the immune system are vital. Immune modulators help to lower the immune system in an auto-immune disease, (which is why steroids are often prescribed) yet support the immune system to combat infection. Using functional prebiotics and not sugars or synthetics helps to keep inflammatory issues to a minimum.

Kitties with asthma are predisposed to bacterial infections of the lungs. Therefore, it’s a must to use the highest quality species-specific and oriented probiotics that have been proven to fight pathogenic bacteria and modulate the immune system.

The lungs have a huge responsibility to remove waste gases, including carbon dioxide, from the body during exhalation. Therefore, when your kitty has asthma, it is imperative to support the body’s other vital organs to step up in the detoxification process.

You can support your kitty’s detoxification process with humic and fulvic acid. These ancient organic minerals are vital for cell health and longevity. They aid in the removal of toxic minerals and heavy metals. Humic and fulvic acid also help fight inflammation, hampering malignant changes in cells. They support the immune system and are paramount in assisting the body with a natural action of removing toxins.

Complimentary organs to lungs: The liver is the lungs’ best friend. The liver regulates histamine response (think of antihistamines) and is the major detoxifying organ in the body. The kidneys are the filtration system. Supporting both of these systems can make a night and day difference to the fine balancing act of feline asthma.

Liver Tonic supports the health of the liver and kidneys by helping regenerate healthy liver cells and boosting the organ’s ability to filter toxins from the blood. It also helps support, detox, and repair liver, kidney, pancreas, and gallbladder function. Made with herbal ingredients such as dandelion root, milk thistle, and more.

*It’s important to note: often kitties suffering with asthma are on drugs that detrimentally affect the liver and kidneys. Liver Tonic is a foundational support alongside these drugs.

One of the major pillars of combatting asthma in cats is to decrease oxidative stress in the cells. The king of antioxidants is considered to be superoxide dismutase (SOD). There is not a higher source in the world of SOD than a specific strain of Phytoplankton. It’s actually the same strain used in ABA’s Phyto Synergy. This single celled organism contains complete nutrition that absorbs and resonates with the body’s synergistic process. When you incorporate it as part of your cat’s daily food you are supporting their entire body, overall health, and longevity. Phytoplankton is one of the only things on the planet that is absorbed by the body before it gets to the gut. That makes it hugely bioavailable to the body. As a single-celled organism it offers trace minerals, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), fatty acids, protein, carotenoids, antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients.”

Feline Asthma Support Protocol 

  • Feline Gut Soothe – Has all the mentioned pre and probiotics, nutraceuticals, and herbs that have been well researched to soothe the lining of smooth muscle and mucosal lining (lungs and the respiratory and upper respiratory tract) in one easy-to-use product.
  • Felix’s Flora – Immune modulation (targeting issues like allergies, asthma, etc). The ONLY feline species-specific probiotic that includes the added minerals and gentle detoxification attributes mentioned in the above information.
  • Phyto Synergy – Please see above information on the importance of this product in relation to asthma.
  • Liver Tonic – Please see above information on the importance of this product in relation to asthma.
  • Your Go 2 – A homeopathic remedy formulated especially to help assist in the reduction of inflammation – and at the same time ease the panic that often comes with the inability to breathe normally.

*If your kitty cannot breathe: This is an emergency situation that needs to be immediately addressed by a veterinarian. On your way to the veterinarian, giving Your Go To remedy can be a very supportive measure.

Recommended Diet for Cats with Asthma

A balanced, species-oriented, raw food diet is very important for cats with asthma. Please refer to the nutrition pages on this website. In our opinion, dry cat food contributes negatively to all the symptoms of asthma.

Other Natural Remedies for Cats with Asthma

  • DMG – Dimethylglycine
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Herbs
  • Humidifiers/Air Quality/Fresh Air/Air Movement – open your windows!
  • Essential oils that target asthma

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