CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 4 oz

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An all-in-one, Grade-A supplement that helps support your cat’s joint function, immune system, digestive health, kidney health, skin & coat as well as free radical reduction. Our powerful Liquid Antioxidant Formula helps optimize the whole health of your fine feline very quickly!


Key Ingredients: Lipase, Amylase, Catalase, Protease & Superoxide Dismutase

2-4 month supply – depending on cat weight & bottle size purchased.

Purrfect for:

  • Joint Support
  • Arthritis
  • Immunity Support
  • Digestive Health
  • Shedding / Skin & Coat
  • Pancreatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism 
  • Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
  • Inflammation
  • And Much More!

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This all natural supplement is truly the Cat's Meow. The CATalyst Antioxidant Formula is the every day, enzyme and antioxidant rich supplement that provides the live nutrition needed to optimize the health and wellness of our feline friends. Our cutting edge ingredients come in a powerful liquid formula - easy to add to your cat's food! CATalyst features an absorbent form of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), made from natural plant extracts. SOD is the body's powerful defense against free radicals and the inflammatory reactions they cause. CATalyst supports healthy joint function, immune function, digestive health and skin/coat - all in this easy to use formula.

How it Works:

If your cat weighs 1-10 lbs., simply add 1/4 teaspoon to your cat's wet food, once daily. One 2oz bottle will last one cat about 2 months. (4 months with 4oz bottle)

If your cat weighs more than 10 lbs., simply add 1/2 teaspoon to your cat's wet food, once daily. One 2oz bottle will last one cat about 1 month. (2 months with 4oz bottle)

This dosage may be safely doubled to see faster results.

CATalyst is plant, animal and human friendly.


Active Ingredients: Amylase- 9.01USP, Catalase-13,217 USP, Lipase-11.0 USP, Protease-5.00 USP, Superoxide Dismutase- 12,508 USP

Inactive Ingredients: Protein- 1.85mg, Sodium- 0.42 mg, Fat – 0.24 mg, Carbohydrates- 3.45 mg.

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2 ounces, 4 ounces

97 reviews for CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula – 4 oz

Based on 91 reviews
  1. Vonette Ayres (Verified Customer)

    My almost 12 year old cat was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I found this product by Gregory Lukas sharing a video of the 2 crazy cat ladies. I started following them and found out they have a line of products. I bought and so far no vomiting and great appetite. Also he acts happy again. I am giving 2 times daily. Not sure if you can give too much. But so far see great improvement. Will be getting a blood test and that will tell even more information. Will re post after bloodwork..

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  2. mandi.betts (Verified Customer)

    I have an older cat that has skin issues, but two younger cats that have to have this on their food too because it’s “seasonings” for everyone’s food, they love it! Her skin issues clear up when I keep this in stock at my house and they start to come back if I run out. I will be sure to keep it in stock going forward, I hate to see her itchy all the time!

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  3. Sarah Paquette (Verified Customer)

    In the past year, my senior cat was diagnosed with diabetes. After many months of him doing well, he started to get sick again. He had diarrhea for the first time in his life. I was so worried and overwhelmed with vet bills. The vet did mention that he could have pancreatitis, but further testing would cost even more money. I researched and found Two Crazy Cat Ladies. I am now on my 3rd bottle and so thankful that I’ve found this. My cat has been thriving and back to his old self. The only complaint I have is that the cap leaks every time I use it. Other than that, great product.

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  4. Barbara Stewart (Verified Customer)

    I recently switched to CATalyst from Dr. Mercola’s digestive enzymes because CATalyst also contains Superoxide Dismutase which provides greater benefits in mitigating inflammation . I put 1/4 tsp on each of his wet food meals. It’s a wonderful insurance policy toward health and well-being for a lifetime for my sweet boy!

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  5. Marena (Verified Customer)

    This product was recommended to me by a friend when my cat had gotten so sick from vomiting and loss of appetite that we almost lost him. He had been vomiting for a few years and the vet had him on and off of antibiotics but nothing worked. The vet said he probably had Irritable Bowel syndrome and that there was nothing to do. I changed his food numerous times to try to find something that interested him and even tried a raw diet but he just wouldn’t eat. Until I gently syringed some Catalyst into his mouth, that is. The first week he got diarrhea but stopped vomiting and started eating. After a week or two, his bowel system went back to normal and he gained 7 healthy pounds. Yup, that ‘s right, he was so sick he had gotten down to 7 lbs from 11 lbs and now he is the biggest he’s ever been: 14 lbs!!! And he’s not fat, no saggy belly. He eats more and plays finally! Prior to this he was too weak perhaps to play, but now he is a happy healthy cat! If your cat has digestion issues, try this! But don’t give up if he doesn’t react well right away. Your cat may need a couple of weeks to adjust. I give it to all 3 of my cats once a week now.

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  6. Tonya Evans (Verified Customer)

    I have seen a difference in my cat that had surgery in July. She isn’t shedding as much, she can now handle small amounts of fresh Salmon, her coat is shiny and pretty, her eyes are clearer, and her energy levels are increasing. Thank You for such an awesome product!

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  7. Amanda Buchman (Verified Customer)

    My cat LOVES CATalyst! He used to open the cabinet, get the bottle out and lick/play with it until he got it with his dinner 😹 I had to start putting the bottle up higher because he was doing this everyday!! I got it for his mild feline hyperesthesia symptoms. His episodes are more frequent in the fall so I’m not sure if it is helping that. However, it CLEARLY makes him feel good because he wants it everyday!

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  8. Kristi Chaplin (Verified Customer)

    My cats love the CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula! They are happy, healthy, beautiful cats. They love to lick the bottle even. I have used it since they were kittens. Highly recommend.

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  9. FAY Furtado-Lieberman (Verified Customer)

    I love this product. I also love the new look. Catalyst has helped my two cats so much. Gracie would vomit frequently. And now hardly ever vomits. Both cats have a sparkle to there eyes. The coats on both of them is very shiny. They are super healthy, since being on there products
    I and my cats are so happy. Thank you so much!!

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  10. ANDREW HUNTER (Verified Customer)

    I have a Cat with Diarrhea and really trying to give this a chance along with oxycat and so far after 45+ days have had no positive results….. I did have a cat pancreatitis and it seemed to improve though.

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  11. Vanessa Cole (Verified Customer)

    I love this product as does my 14 year old cat Socka.. after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism & osteoarthritis 6 months ago she is like a kitten again & I attribute this to this & another of their fabulous products oxycat.. I will continue with these products for her life

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  12. Melissa (Verified Customer)

    My cat Frankie had diarrhea and vomiting that we couldn’t get under control. He ended up having to go to the vet where they didn’t really have a diagnosis and gave him an anti fungal type antibiotic which cleared stuff up for a short period.his blood work came back normal other than some elevated sugar levels that were likely due to stress. Since they had no solution other than a temporary prescription diet I figured we’d give the two crazy cat ladies a try. I’m so thankful we did. I followed the recommended dosage and he’s been doing great since. I’ve since added the dr mercola complete probiotics and the krill oil and he’s back to thriving, for a soon to be 11 year old he plays like a kitten again and is back to his moody yet affectionate self.

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  13. Jill S. (Verified Customer)

    My cat has hyperesthesia syndrome (twitching tail), After a month or two on CATalyst her symptoms are gone. Very happy with this product!

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  14. Denise Keefe (Verified Customer)

    My Benny is a 4 1/2 year old male full of vim and vigor. However, he has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes him to have breakouts on his face. Since using CATalyst, his breakouts are far less often and way less severe. They usually heal up very quickly. It’s so easy to put on his wet food and he loves it!

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  15. Sebastian J Messina (Verified Customer)

    I have been using the product for about a month. My Booboo had a tumor removed and was spayed. I am going all protein with enzymes in your product to retard the cancer. 2-1/4 tsp twice a day. As the years pass I will up my rating. For now I’m looking for results

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  16. Ray Asper (Verified Customer)

    Our 14 year old cat, Boots, has had a vomiting and diarrhea problem for some time now, off and on, but after adding CATalyst to his food, this has diminished greatly. This has been such a good change for him that I re-ordered the larger bottle for long-term use. The vet’s antibiotics had done nothing to improve his condition. Give this a try if your cat is dealing with a chronic digestive issue.

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  17. Snezhinka Mladenova (Verified Customer)

    I have 8 cats and they’re all happy and healthy .I will order over and over again.Thank you for a good product.

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  18. Susan Michals

    AMAZING! Exactly what the CatCon Muse needed… and continues with DAILY!

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  19. pam roussell (Verified Customer)

    While my kitties don’t have any digestive issues, I like using Catalyst for the benefit of the antioxidants for immune support and reducing inflammation. It’s so easy to add to food!

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  20. Duane Mullins (Verified Customer)

    Always a great experience

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  21. Pam Webster (Verified Customer)

    I have a cat that has pancreatitis. He just didn’t seem to be improving much, and then I heard about this, and figured the more help, the better. He’s been on it for about a week, and I can already tell it’s helping him. Thank you so much!

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  22. Karen Hall (Verified Customer)

    I love your products. But with 6 rescue cats it is getting a little pricey for me.

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  23. Cindy Gill (Verified Customer)

    Love this product.

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  24. Cindy Gill (Verified Customer)

    Love this product. My cat’s fur looks better.

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  25. Marty (Verified Customer)

    My 16 year old has CKD and IFD and this seems to help with bowels and digestive issies

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  26. Kathy L Morehart (Verified Customer)

    Been using to help with hairballs and has made a world of differance.

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  27. Joan York (Verified Customer)

    This product helped with the bumps on my cat’s skin and made their fur more lustrous and less clumpy.

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  28. Veronique Prezeau (Verified Customer)

    I stumbled across this product and website while researching alternative remedies for my cat’s obvious Hyperesthesia. I am so happy I found it! She has improved so much since i’ve added this to her daily meals. She even lets me pet the base of her tail again, and she doesn’t gnaw at it like she used to.

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  29. Ellie McCaffrey (Verified Customer)

    Catalyst has helped my Chloe so much. She is 13 years old, has allergies; lost a lot of fur and was diagnosed with borderline hyperthyroidism and a high normal kidney value. After about a month her fur has been growing back, she is super playful and acting more like a normal cat. She still needs another blood test to check her numbers but I am sure they will be much better.

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  30. lwoolz47 (Verified Customer)

    This enzyme catalyst has really helped my Buff. She’s 16 1/2 years old. She was throwing up a lot and has arthritis. She has stopped throwing up, gained weight, and her coat looks better. I firmly believe this product has helped her.

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  31. Michelle (Verified Customer)

    My cat has been over licking due to separation anxiety, which I’m still working on. But, that causes more hairballs as you can imagine. She went from one to two hairballs a week to now once a month when I put her on the CATalyst. Plus, it seems to have increased her appetite and she cleans her plate lickity split (good pun or what?) That makes a happy cat and happy momma!

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  32. Kayla (Verified Customer)

    This has seemed to help my cat with feline hyperesthesia. Four stars given because of customer service. When I reached out with questions I didn’t get any reply.

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  33. DeeAnn (Verified Customer)

    Very good product but very expensive especially when you have to add postage on top of price

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  34. DeeAnn (Verified Customer)

    Very good product but very expensive

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  35. Anniliese

    I highly recommend it

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  36. lwoolz47 (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been using Catalyst this past year and it’s been a miracle for my Buff. She is 17 this Sunday and she has gained weight, quit throwing up, and her fur is looking good. I would recommend this product for your fur baby.

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  37. Rachele Desario (Verified Customer)

    Rachele Desario.
    I love this product! & my cats do too! Ever since I found these Ladies I can sleep better at night knowing these ladies know what they are doing! Plus making there own products! Now it doesn’t get any better than this!!!
    Thank you LADIES!

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  38. Sahari McCormick (Verified Customer)

    This one product completely turned my one cat around. He had no interest in playing, his fur was super rough and he was pretty antisocial. Using this changed his personality for the better, and turned his fur and digestion around. I’ll never be without this….

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  39. Maryeileen Corcoran (Verified Customer)

    The main difference I’ve been able to tell with one of my senior cats is how soft and healthy his fur has become.

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  40. Kristy (Verified Customer)

    I decided to wait a few months to write a review for CATalyst. I wanted to give ample time for the formula to work and make noticeable changes in my cat’s issues. Well, I can honestly say I HIGHLY recommend this product!!! My cat was having issues with allergies to food and horrible skin itching. I put her on gluten free, limited ingredient cat food. We tried prescription hydrolyzed food and even home-cooked meats. I took her to the vet for allergy shots periodically. Nothing really helped until I found CATalyst. The change is significant. Her itching has almost disappeared, her coat is shiny and soft, and she no longer throws up. She is energetic and playful. It’s almost like it’s reversed the aging process for her. I am so pleased with the results of this product and so thankful to God I found it!

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  41. lwoolz47 (Verified Customer)

    My Buff has been doing great with this CATalyst Enzyme. The vet said for her age (17Yrs) she doing quite well.

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  42. Nancy

    My 17 yr old cat started having sporadic seizures when he would be licking is back side. I read somewhere that this enzyme could help and it immediately stopped the seizures.
    Delivery was immediate and I’m very grateful to the Two Crazy Cat Ladies.
    Thank you!

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  43. Theresa Bourdage (Verified Customer)

    Prior to using CATalyst my 3 year old cat (eats only wet food) was vomiting a tiny bit after every meal — that stopped immediately after I started to give her 1/4 tsp with every meal! Grateful for this product!

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  44. Leslie M (Verified Customer)

    YAY!!!! I can touch my cat again!
    And he is no longer itching/burning like crazy.
    Thank you crazy cat ladies! I love you two So much!

    If your cat is suffering with hyperesthesia, be patient, this stuff works.
    We’re on our 2nd 4 oz bottle & I have another on hand in case we need it.
    My kitty doesn’t like wet food so I mix the catalyst, liquid vitamin c, liquid vitamin a (without alcohol- the one I order is for children) liquid magnesium (for bowel movement assist), & Belladonna (little white round balls), & a little water.
    I syringe this.

    I love the crazy cat lady vitamin C also. Much easier to work with than what I was using before.

    Ladies, Thank you sooo much for your amazing products!
    Thank you for the work you do.

    Much love to you all, animal lovers 😻

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  45. Lilian Aguilar (Verified Customer)

    I got CATalyst for one of my cats that gets hairballs very often . But since she’s very picky with her food she hasn’t tried it yet, But , I have another cat that has stomatitis and hyperesthesia and was very restless . And, since he eats everything on the menu, meaning he has been stealing the wet food that has the CATalyst that my other cat doesn’t eat , I found out that the CATalyst is beneficial to him since he has gotten very calm and doesn’t run and hide anymore due to his stomatitis and hyperesthesia. This is my first time my cat has tried the CATalyst and am very happy and glad that I found the 2 Cat ladies because thanks to them my cat is feeling better. I highly recommend CATalyst.

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  46. Suzanne Gilleo (Verified Customer)

    My 18 1/2 year old cat with kidney problems really has improved since I started using the kidney products. Except for losing her hearing, she acts and looks great. Thank you.

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  47. lwoolz47 (Verified Customer)

    The enzyme always helps my 17 yr old Buff

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  48. angela magnano (Verified Customer)

    vets want to run blood work for thyroid and diabetes….my munchkin has short legs and i won’t put him thru that….so, i decided on this….i am hoping this helps, but too soon to know….i ordered years ago Urinary cat Plus for crystals….IT WORKED…

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  49. Stephanie Kline (Verified Customer)

    My cat was diagnosed with Allergic Asthma about 7 years ago and the first 2 years was on Prednisone. This was making him sick and causing other issues. We put him on Oxy Cat that helped a lot but then put him on CATalyst along with it and since then, he has little to no attacks and is more vibrant and healthy. This has been a game changer and no more Prednisone. Yay!!!

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  50. Jennifer Fitzpatrick (Verified Customer)

    These two ladies are cat whisperers!
    My 16 year old cat, Tito, is an orange tabby with a spunky personality and a lot of energy. Recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism he was prescribed a medicine that made him a zombie cat. I gave it to him for 4 days and then decided to look for a natural alternative. I found CatAlyst and he is back to his silly self. It’s funny how his rambunctious behavior used to get on my nerves but now I welcome it. He is my little lovebug again! Thank you so much for all you do! God bless you both!

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  51. Faith Boschmann (Verified Customer)

    My Gwenny has diabetes and other issues. She has kidney issues too and Catalyst helps her tremendously with less stress on her kidneys and helps with her urine pH…All of these products are life savers in my opinion. It also helps with her joints.

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  52. Martha Grix (Verified Customer)

    Seems to be working better than the pills from the vet, eating normally now instead gorging and then vomiting 🤮, he hasn’t thrown up for 3 days now and it used to be at least twice daily so this stuff is wonderful 😊 thanks

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  53. maselva (Verified Customer)

    My 15 year old cat has suffered with dry skin and dandruff and a lack luster coat. after one month on CATalyst, his fur is beautiful, dandruff gone. A wonderful product for skin and coat.

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  54. Bayla Baker (Verified Customer)

    On a hope and a prayer …I avoid

    I just give it to my little rescue whose backstory is not good. I use other products that are great, so whatever is going on in his little body will get better, I am sure of it.

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  55. kymaehl (Verified Customer)

    We’ve been giving these enzymes to our kitty for about three years and truly don’t know if they are working or not. BUT we love what the Two Crazy Cat Ladies are all about and it just feels good to share that love with our sweet fur baby!

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  56. Pam Roussell (Verified Customer)

    I love adding Catalyst to my cats’ food everyday. It’s a great way to provide antioxidant support as well as provide enzymes for healthy digestion, just to be proactive.

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  57. Shonna Lund (Verified Customer)

    I cannot rave enough about Catalyst!!! Our senior kitty has IBD among other issues like allergies and asthma. We have also been keeping a close eye on her kidney levels as she has been near the borderline before for CKD. I am so happy to report I believe Catalyst is responsible for her last good vet report – her kidney numbers have improved from the last visit! And her IBD symptoms (loose stool, hair balls and vomiting) have vastly improved! Catalyst was the only new supplement we had been giving her so I’m a believer and a very happy customer.

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  58. Pam (Verified Customer)

    My 18 yr old cat would not be able to digest her food properly without this product. She has, also, stopped shedding and itching, too. Great product!

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  59. Valerie (Verified Customer)

    I can’t say enough good things about CATalyst! Our 6 year old cat has feline hyperesthesia syndrome, and this stuff really gets it under control. He went from having symptoms daily to having very mild symptoms a few times a month. It’s not a complete cure, but it’s very close for us. I even gave an empty bottle to my vet so he could research it. So glad to have found it!

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  60. Myla (Verified Customer)

    We noticed our cat wasn’t keeping his weight and we feed him often. Our cat is 12 yrs old and has been on the product now for about a week. He has definitely gained some of his weight back. Great product.

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  61. normbo (Verified Customer)

    Great product and my cat loves the taste. I catch him licking the bottle at times lol.

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  62. Marla (Verified Customer)

    My girl has diabetes. She’s medicated but drags her hundreds legs and has trouble jumping onto the couch. 5 days in with this she drages less and has managed to jump into the piano bench and piano!!!no small feat. She seems happier if that makes sense! Now going to start my arthritic 24lb baby to see if it helps!

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  63. Ginny (Verified Customer)

    My 10 year old cat had developed a problem with fur balls a couple times a week. I have been giving him Catalyst every night for the past month, and he has not thrown up a fur ball once since taking the Catalyst!

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  64. Gayle Porter (Verified Customer)

    I’m sure it will be awesome but despite numerous notifications I have not received product.

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  65. Gayle Porter (Verified Customer)

    I’m anxious to start using this however despite numerous notifications I have still not received product!

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  66. Megs (Verified Customer)

    I love this product. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my cats. However, I would prepare for delivery time. Get it well before you need it because we had issues in that department.

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  67. Gail Hill (Verified Customer)

    This product has helped my 9 year boy with arthritis in his knee to jump and play like he use to. It’s a game changer.

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  68. Sissy (store manager)

    Awesome product!

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  69. Barbara Stewart (Verified Customer)

    I have been using Catalyst liberally for more than two years with my FIV+ kitty who I adopted four years ago at the estimated age of 4. He was very ill and I became suspicious of the conventional pharmaceutical treatments that he was getting so I stopped all of them, realizing that he was only getting sicker. Using Catalyst, Oxycat, and homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as energy medicine (thank you Pam Roussell!), he became symptom-free within a year. I credit these Feline Essentials products with starting my sweet boy on the road to recovery.

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  70. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Buff has been doing great with the enzymes. Coat is improved, quit throwing up, gaining weight and more active.

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  71. Gwen Hall (Verified Customer)

    I purchased Catalyst because my 14 year old female cat Toonces had severe skin issues such as scabs and missing hair from itching. Within a week of using this product I noticed that her skin is clearing up and her energy and happiness has increased immensely!
    Thank you for being so very informative with cat care. And I’d like to say a special thank you to Jen on your staff. She answered many questions I had about my cat’s health and the information was extremely helpful.

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  72. Lisa B. (Verified Customer)

    My cat no longer throws up and has energy to play.It has helped her digestive issues significantly. This seems to be a permanent staple in her daily regimen. She is an 18yo tiger tabby girl and going strong thanks to these wonderful 2crazy cat ladies. Thank-you for this amazing product. I wouldn’t have my girl with me today if it wasn’t for CATalyst.

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  73. Karin (Verified Customer)

    This product did help give my 16 year old male kitty some energy.

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  74. Branda Bendixen (Verified Customer)

    Ordered this as an extra

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  75. Melanie Perez (Verified Customer)

    My cat still vomits after eating. I have not seen any improvement since using this product. Very disappointed.

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  76. Stephanie K. (Verified Customer)

    I use this in combination with Oxy-Cat to help my cat stay healthy. Love this product.

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  77. Starr (Verified Customer)

    You ladies are wonderful to work with! It is still helping my Harley feel better!

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  78. Karin (Verified Customer)

    This product has helped my 16 year old male cat have more life and stop peeing in inappropriate places!!

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  79. Debbie Green (Verified Customer)

    CATalyst is Amazing. This is the only supplement that I’ve been able to find that my cats actually like. Since adding this to their food, their coats are shinier and softer and they have more energy.

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  80. Rose P. (Verified Customer)

    I’m very happy with all the things received.

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  81. Theresa B. (Verified Customer)

    One of my cats has a sensitive stomach and with just a few drops of this — she has no issues what so ever!