Tis the season. Your kitty’s suffering from some type of respiratory problem and you don’t know what to do about your cat’s runny eyes. Maybe you’ve already been to the vet and tried antibiotics without results.

Cat’s get colds, and we need to be sure we’re treating them properly. Sometimes the eye discharge will be dark or even green-looking gunk. This is likely a symptom of conjunctivitis, which may be a single incident or a flare-up of an underlying health issue, like feline herpes. Either way, treating this naturally is what we recommend.

Using a warm, damp, wash cloth can help get the gunk out of the eyes, but we should do more. You will want to fight the infection both topically and internally, and Oxy-Cat is great for both.

Using Oxy-Cat To Clean Your Cat’s Runny Eyes

The reason that the antibiotics won’t kick your cat’s respiratory infection is because it only fights bacteria. The majority of upper respiratory infections in cats is viral in nature. Just like with humans, antibiotics don’t fight viruses in cats. Instead, they kill the bacteria in the gut and make your cat’s immune system less capable of fighting the virus.

Oxy-Cat is an anti-viral product that can be used to help the less severe feline respiratory issues and works great as an eye wash too. If your cat has been dealing with a chronic respiratory issue, click here for the additional product you need.

As we always say, the very best prevention against illnesses in cats is a health immune system. Feeding a species appropriate fresh food diet and giving your cats supplementation is a great way to insure they stay happy and healthy.


Natural Remedy for Runny Eyes


Oxy-Cat – 2 oz



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