Vira-X Anti-Viral Cat Supplement

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Vira-X provides powerful anti-viral support for cats of all ages. This formula is a super-potent proprietary blend that attacks viral infections at their source. Vira-X uses lysozymes, a natural protective enzyme, that breaks through the cell walls of pathogens and helps eliminate the invasive infection at its core!


Purrfect for:

  • FeLV Positive Cats
  • Cold and Flu Virus
  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Herpesvirus)
  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Feline Panleukopenia Virus (Distemper)
  • Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections
  • And Much More!

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The formula in our ViraX supplement was inspired by our own painful battle with FeLV and is designed specifically to help all cats who are battling viral issues of any kind. We back this powerful product with our unconditional money-back guarantee so you can help your feline friend fast, effectively – and worry free! If you cat is suffering from a virus, let ViraX get the job done!

How it Works: Simply fill the ViraX dropper tube halfway and give to your cat (via wet food or syringe), twice daily for 3-4 days.

Thereafter, ViraX may be added to wet food once daily for general maintenance of health.

Ingredients: Helix water, sodium chlorite, lysozymatic enzymes derived from fruits and vegetables, glycerin, guar gum, soybean oil, steric acid and vanillin.

Vira-X is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is also human, pet and plant friendly.

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61 reviews for Vira-X Anti-Viral Cat Supplement

  1. Miriam

    dont know how it works but my cat is now in remission since taking this

  2. Kerrie (verified owner)

    I was at a loss after buying many medications from vets-trying to help my cat breath without so much mucus. Nothing helped and my poor cat suffered having so much shoved down her throat.Some how I heard about the Cat Ladies- what a blessing. They suggested Vira-X- Anti-Viral and it is truly a miracle for my cat. The Cat Ladies know their business and I trust them totally-their natural products are wonderful!!

  3. KIRK & Candilee W W DINGER (verified owner)

    So Grateful and Amazed I have my lil boy back to ol self again, playing jumping around like a kitten in only a few days of this med, he was on the mend with just VitaminC,and good moist food, I refused to spend $300+ at vet again and my baby suffer weeks on different meds with no answers to why this happened 2x now..found Two Crazy Cat Ladies on Youtube how lucky was that!!!!.. but this med gave my furbaby his life back in just a few days! Fast easy shipping, wonderful ladies to help with anything just a call if you have any questions is just amazing to me. Cause Im a Crazy cat person too!! Now both my cats seem healthy and vibrant again,no more so called cat flu or upper respiratory infection with pneumonia ..We couldnt be happier with Two Crazy Cat Ladies products Thank you so much! Candilee&Kirk <3

  4. Candace Nobbe (verified owner)

    Our baby, Tess, recently suffered a URI after an elongated visit to the vet. Unfortunately, she got the herpes virus when we first adopted her, so if she gets stressed, her illness comes back. Tess is the fussiest when it comes to medicine and I can easily give this to her, since it has no smell or taste. Vira-X helped reduce the duration time of the URI and it keeps her herpes virus at bay! Thank you so much for helping our Tess with your wonderful product!

  5. Meghan Waals (verified owner)

    This product in combination with oxycat is 100% a literal lifesaver!

    in January 2018 I had a litter get extremely sick out of nowhere. They had swollen, red goopy eyes that didn’t improve with colloidal silver diffused, oral or ocularly nor with commercial veterinary grade eye antibiotic creams despite being naturally reared on a balanced raw diet and colostrum added to the food. They developed a cough and soon we lost two kittens. The ER diagnosed them with pneumonia after with PCR results chlamydia, mycoplasma, and calicivirus. To avoid more lost kittens we started Clavamox which wasn’t working well than azithromycin as well as a probiotic and numo care c from Amber Naturalz. After a few weeks the remaining three were back to normal.

    In April the same thing started happening. Again nothing was working despite different protocols including a better colloidal silver, nosodes etc. . I really wanted to avoid antibiotics in such young babies. I ordered azithromycin just in case at the same time I ordered Vira and oxy cat. Very quickly I noticed changes in a positive direction. It did take about 4 weeks for them to get back to normal but I excepted as much (and honestly nothing at all).
    This product saved my kittens’ lives and I NEVER had to use antibiotics. I will ALWAYS keep these two products on hand at a minimum.

  6. Victor Lawrence (verified owner)

    Vira-X cured my cats’ stuffy, nose/wheezing/congestion and eye discharge. Jae suggested the URI never fully healed and was likely causing symptoms. Symptoms disappeared after 3 weeks of Vira-X. This is amazing. Thank you for this product.

  7. Brianna Rae (verified owner)

    This review is long overdue. I’ve been using TCCL products for months now and have had nothing but great results. My cat had a nasty URI and none of the medicine from the vet was working. I had some Vira-X leftover from a kitty who passed from FELV and decided to give it a try since it’s an anti-viral. I gave it to my cat on a Thursday evening, then again Friday morning before I left for work. When I got home from work, he didn’t sneeze at all, his nose wasn’t running and he overall felt so much better. I was amazed and can say with confidence, that their products do work.

  8. Heather (verified owner)

    Jury is out if this does anything for FIV. I haven’t seen any major results. Wish I could find something that worked. I have 2 cats with FIV that have different symptoms.

  9. Abbey Smith (verified owner)

    This stuff works! My old lady is around 13. She gets, what I think is, chronic respiratory infections. She has been to the vet countless times for this. They give her a slow release antibiotic, that lasts about 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks is up, she is back to sneezy and snotting. I found this site because, I too, am a crazy cat lady ! If your cat has similar symptoms, try this stuff!!! It’s amazing!! Not even a sneeze in almost a week!

  10. Angela Crowe (verified owner)

    I got this because every fall & winter my cats catch a kitty cold, and it started approx. a week ago (mid Sept.). They stopped sniffling and sneezing after first dose.

  11. Rebecca Parker (verified owner)

    Thank you – this formula is great – I already left a comment on your website but I will continue to buy this product -my cat is much better z- higher energy – less congestion and I have only been giving it on his food for a week now

  12. Jana Adams (verified owner)

    I have two FIV + male cats and I give them this when I see anything coming on – runny eyes, runny nose, etc. It definitely works and they’re better after a few days.

  13. cathy (verified owner)

    vita-x is a great product for feline herpies love it he crazy cat ladies very helpful and caring ❤️

  14. Nancy Adams (verified owner)

    Fabulous product! My older boy has trouble with upper respiratory infections that normally would end up needing a vets intervention. He started again with sneezing and signs of another problem arising so I put him on Vita-X and within a couple of days he was all better! No more sneezing and no signs of illness! Love it!

  15. Kim Reece (verified owner)

    I saw a big change in my cat’s appetite after I started him on the Vira X . He could smell his food again. Thank you

  16. Priya (verified owner)

    Seems to help with digestion and immunity. Just started so will give update after a while.

  17. Sheryl (verified owner)

    Good Morning, On a very high recommendation, I sent for the Vira-X to help my kitty who seems to have a combination of the herpes virus plus seasonal allergies; drippy eyes and nose, sneezing, wheezing . . . Since she was a rescue from a shelter, this is pretty common. I’m cautiously going to say she seems to be better, but it’s only been a few days so far, so it’s hard to give a definitive rating. I will continue with fingers crossed that this will do the trick ! ! THANK YOU.

  18. Bayla Baker (verified owner)

    This product is AMAZING! My little rescue guy no longer sneezes continuously and his breathing is SO MUCH BETTER. He is actually purring.

  19. Sahari (verified owner)

    My FIV+ boy had 6 vet visits in the 2 months after I adopted him, and he just didn’t seem to be getting any better. I tried this and noticed a difference right away! It’s been 6 weeks and he has been symptom free from his respiratory issues. So glad I tried this, and I bet he is too!

  20. Sally (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Helps with our cat’s allergies.

  21. Kami Stevens (verified owner)

    Before Vira-X. when one of my FELV+ kittens had a fever, a trip to the vet for fluids and antibiotics was inevitable. Shortly after I received Vira-X, one of my kittens came down with a fever and I doubled the dosage of Vira-X and syringe fed him Pedialyte. The fever passed without a trip to the vet. Word of Caution: Make sure the bottle is out of reach of cat paws. My crew has knocked two bottles to the floor already (they both shattered). This of course is not a critique of the product, I just want to save others from the same “fate” because money and time are valuable. especially when sick kitties are involved.

  22. Jessica Garcia (verified owner)

    This works so fast! My cats kept sneezing I thought allergies but I believe it was the cat cold or upper respiratory infection. Two to three days I saw a huge difference. I gave my cats less dry food. Only wet food, tuna and cooked chicken with this. I will buy more when I run out.

  23. LESLIE SHILKA (verified owner)

    You’re asking me to a review product that you claimed shipped 10 days ago and tracking shows it is still sitting in Vegas!! Not very happy about that!

  24. Kelley Ebner (verified owner)

    Don’t know yet, we just received it. Give us a minute!

  25. Susanna Clark (verified owner)

    We are a week into adding Vir-X in her food. I haven’t heard her sneeze, snore or gulp (mucus). She has allergies.
    We did 4 days of twice a day in her wet food. Now, we are adding only once a day pairing with CAtalyst in her second meal.
    I can give 5 stars on CATalyst as well! Beautiful fur, bright eyes and fewer hairball surprises! We have been applying CATalyst to her food for about a year.
    Ziva is a beautiful senior kitty, pushing 13 years, living her best life.

  26. Pam Webster (verified owner)

    When we adopted our orange tabby about 6 months ago, he had gotten a cold. I had told the vet, but she acted like I didn’t know what I was talking about, and didn’t do anything to help him. I heard about this, so I figured it was worth a try. He has been on it for about a week, and already he seems to have improved a lot. Thank you so much!

  27. Roberta (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if Callie had a cold or an allergy problem when he started having sneezing fits a couple of weeks ago. I started him on Vira-X and after three days, the sneezing stopped completely. I was amazed. Because he is FIV+, I was very worried about an upper respiratory infection. I gave Vira-X to Tiny so he wouldn’t get sick either and he never did. Both boys have no problem taking your products with food and lick their bowls clean. I also have Callie on CATalyst and Vita-Cat which help support his immune system because his appetite never waned when he was sick. I now keep an extra bottle of Vira-X on hand. Mahalo Adrienne and Jae for all that you do to keep our furbabies healthy. Your products are the best.

  28. Luis (verified owner)

    Tremendous product for my cat that has a FELV diagnosis. This supplement has been essential for your health and is perfectly fine.

  29. Eileen Gerrity

    Want to order Vira-x for distemper for pet raccoon–have question on sodium chlorite–online says:Sodium chlorite — also referred to as chlorous acid, sodium salt textone, and Miracle Mineral Solution — is composed of sodium (Na), chlorine (Cl), and oxygen (O2).

    Many claims have been made for its use as a health supplement. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Trusted Source warns that it’s a dangerous, potentially life threatening chemical that should never be swallowed. So why is this in Vira-X??

  30. Rhonda Money (verified owner)

    My feral rescue has had horrible eye infections leading to corneal ulcers for over 18 months. It was so bad at one point, she almost lost her eye. Her vet determined it was viral and we have been on compounded anti -viral drops as well as several different antibiotic ointments. At best, she has had limited improvement with frequent flare ups. We have now finished the first bottle of Vira-X and her eye is so much better. In the beginning, we were also using Oxy-cat as an eye wash but now she is receiving only Vira-X twice a day. She is a big girl so really only a single dose divided. I’m am cautiously optimistic that we finally have a solution that works! Thank you Two Crazy Cat Ladies!

  31. Michelle Blake (verified owner)

    Vira-x is the best product ever! My cat has chronic upper respiratory infections, she gets a few bouts a year and once I see signs of an oncoming infection I start giving this to her twice a day until her symptoms subside. I really love this product. I use this in combination with Oxycat. Please don’t ever stop making it.

  32. Ashlyn (verified owner)

    i was giving my cat meds from the vet since my cats cold was getting worst. it upset his stomach so bad. finally i ordered the anti-viral cat supplement & within a couple of days i already saw a difference of my cat getting better. thank you! life saver.

  33. Andoro (verified owner)

    This stuff really works for Herpes virus, my cats are much better since using this product. I will definitely pass this on to friends and buy product again! Thank you Cat Ladies! =^..^=

  34. Antonia Twinem

    I’ve only been using it for a week, but my big kitty seems much better from his sneezing and chest full!!! He doesn’t mind the taste at all either, which I was worried about. I will purchase again! These gals know what they’re doing! Thank you 😊

  35. Victoria Ross (verified owner)

    My cat developed a perpetually weepy eye at 2 years old, and the vet said it was likely residual effects from a nasty respiratory infection she had at 5 weeks old. I started giving her Vira-X daily in a lickable treat and it has made a huge difference! Her eye runs significantly less and in fact, if she goes without it for a couple days it kicks right back into high gear. I’m thrilled that I don’t have to wipe her eyes every day, which she absolutely hates, and I’ll be keeping this in my arsenal for her always!

  36. Cheryl (verified owner)

    My normally healthy cat had been battling a nasal congestion along with runny right eye , for quite awhile. Several antibiotics kept the infection from getting worse, but she was not getting better. Since I didn’t have Vira-X, I started to give her Oxy-cat the last few days of her antibiotic, plus a drop in her eye. I started to see an improvement, and her eye stopped running! She was still far from better so I ordered Vira-X. WOW. Seriously. No more congestion after 2 days of 2 doses. She was so much better, and you can just tell she felt better! I am giving her one dose a day now, but she is back to her old self, which is amazing! I will now try to keep both products on hand for sure! I give it to her by syringe, she tolerates it very well.

  37. Laura Reuther (verified owner)

    I have noticed some improvement in my cat’s chronic upper respiratory infection, but not as drastic as others have reported. I think having a measurement gauge on the dropper would be helpful,

  38. Dina Boyce (verified owner)

    My 9 year old cat has allergies & he gets so congested & has ‘reverse sneezes’. I spent $300 for the allergy tests & found he was allergic to mostly outdoor pollen . So I got the serum (another $250) & we’ve been giving it to him in increments for about 5 mos now, every 14 days. Shortly after each injection, he gets an allergy attack that always ends up as an uri. Then I pay $50 for antibiotics injection which clears him up til the next serum injection is due. I’m going broke making my cat sick more often than before! So I’m stopping the injection of serum and putting him on TCCL meds. I’ve gotten every one and so far this vira-x seems to be holding off the allergy symptoms and the uri’s . Time will tell when pollen season starts here shortly. But 🤞. should I be giving him the vitamin c also? I do but not every day.

  39. cucatoo52 (verified owner)

    This product has helped my 3 feline herpes cats. Their symptoms have lessened, and we are all so very happy!

  40. Patricia Hansen (verified owner)

    This helped my cat with his URI issue. This was a good decision to buy.

  41. Renee Michelle Moreau (verified owner)

    I too have horror stories about veterinarian care that misdiagnosed and mis-prescribed solutions for my senior cat. A holistic practitioner recommended homeopathy and this product to resolve chronic autoimmune inflammatory rhinitis. His sinus not only fully resolved after 4 days so stuffy, wasn’t eating, in one week he’s a whole new cat. I got caught up in the gears of an industry that’s broken. Holistic care is the way of a cat. Lesson learned. Let the animals lead. So grateful for all these excellent supplements that restore gut health.

  42. Colleen McGrath (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the vira x . My cat, Muggie Muggie Google
    Google, was hoarse and had the worst cough, I gave her viral x with catalyst and in 24 hrs she was much much better. Thank you for carrying both products. 10 stars.

  43. Kelly (verified owner)

    Vita-X and some other immune products is helping my cats chronic herpes eye. I am so grateful to have found you guys! Thank you!

  44. Toni Cash (verified owner)

    My kitty was miserable with URI and I gave this to her and she felt so much better. Her congestion disappeared in less than 48 hrs and her breathing was so much better. This is a lifesaver for kitty’s with chronic resp infections. And surprisingly they don’t mind the taste at all, my cats act like they don’t even know that it’s in there and they are extremely finicky and aware when most things are added to their food. But not this stuff, it’s worth the money to see the quality of life come back for your kitty. Thank You Two Crazy Cat Ladies from another Crazy Cat Lady.

  45. Anna (verified owner)

    Vira-X was great! I had been giving colloidal silver and homeopathic fever/ infection drops for two weeks with no real results. Four days of this stuff and no more coughing, sneezing or bubbling noses! Highly recommend!

  46. Martha Grix (verified owner)

    Seems to be working very well so far, my two furbabies are not as congested and sneezy less but I’m going to keep them on it for now and hopefully it will clear them up completely, thanks 👍

  47. Rachel (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my cat who had been sneezing and wheezing. These drops are great, he is healthy as a horse. I will continue to give this as he gets better.

  48. Joyce (verified owner)

    I have been giving this for about 2 weeks. I haven’t had a chance to do a blood test yet, but my FIV + cat is much more active and her appetite is GREAT. I hope her anemia improves. We will see, but for now she is much improved.

  49. Tammy Barker (verified owner)

    We are using for our cats that have FIP and FELV it seems to be working to help them with their immunity and health.

  50. sammarieashe (verified owner)

    This saved my cat’s life! And my sanity. She developed a bump on her forehead just above her eyes in the center in early October 2022. Vet took a needle aspirate, looked under microscope, and said it’s cancer. That devastated me! My kitty, Dot, is my oldest furkid, and completely bonded to me. She’s my companion day in and day out. Having the cancer diagnosis wasn’t good. So vet said “nothing I can do, it’s inoperable, just keep her comfy.” Well there’s something I could do… research. Try. I tried steroids. They didn’t work much, and the bump came back bigger. By about mid-December it was the size of a half golf ball. I tried antibiotics – Dot refused to take them no matter what I tried. The steroids she started rejecting that routine, too. I got Vira-X and started her on it right away. The next day – her bump was half size. The following day – it halved again. In five days it was TOTALLY GONE. Her forehead was flat again. No more sneezing, no wheezing, no mucus (all things I’d relayed to the vet), and the swelling on her nasal bridge between her eyes was going down. Another week and she was fully normal again. Vira-X is awesome for kitty-cats!! My three cats will keep this in their rotation of good things that helps keep them in purrfect health.

  51. Veronique Prezeau (verified owner)

    I had hoped this product would help my sweet Diana, but she was too far gone with her respiratory infection. She passed away on 1/19/23. Your products are incredible, and really helped her overcome her Hyperesthesia. I can’t stop recommending your products to all my cat parents.

  52. pjgerrior (verified owner)

    Didn’t realize how stressed out my kitties were after having to lock them in the laundry room for a day while contractors worked in our house. My one girl came down with an upper respiratory and was sneezing her head off. I bought the Vira X and put it in her food along with oxy and catalyst. She was over her sniffles in a jiff. Then her brother got it. He was taking longer until I realized I needed to up the dose due to he’s a bit bigger than her. He is starting to come around. I Cant say enough about these products! Love you guys! and my Cats love you too.

  53. Ubey62 (verified owner)

    ViraX and catalyst keep my baby girl healthy,she suffers from feline leukemia. Glad I found 2crazy cat ladies

  54. Ellie McCaffrey (verified owner)

    Sorry this is going to be long. Chloe 14 yrs. old has been to 5 different vets for her condition without any to be able to fully say what is wrong with her. Every year it starts with vomiting, sneezing with discharge, scratching to a point where she losses fur in her hind quarters and scabs on her ears. Most say environmental allergies. I give her baths during the summer when it’s worse. I started her on the Vira – X and after 2 days she threw up violently so I stopped then the sneezing started again. There are no homeopathic vets anywhere close. She hates car rides too and vomits in the carrier. I have been giving here the Catalyst, Vita Cat and Oxi Cat. Frustrated.

  55. Annette (verified owner)

    My little Muffin has been dealing with chronic respiratory infections one and off for I don’t know how long. The Vet said it was allergies and to give her over the counter allegy meds. That didn’t work at all. I saw a video about Vira-X and decided to give it a try. We started 3 days ago and I can already see the difference. She has all but stopped sneezing. I don’t hear her breathing anymore next to me at night. It’s a miracle! Thank you both so much!

  56. Tammy Featherstone (verified owner)

    My kitty got an upper respiratory infection after being spayed and the antibiotics that she was given werent helping her. I started goving her your Vira X and within 1 day i started noticing improvement in her appetite and energy and the sparkle came back in her eyes. She is doing awesome now. Thanks a bunch

  57. Roy & Carol (verified owner)

    Our cat Rocky is suffering from a buggery nose and often sneezing for a few months now. We have given him L-Lysine for 3 months with no improvement. We received the Vira-X on 3/16 and quickly started him on it 2x/d making sure he finished the entire dose. Very disappointing to this date 3/22 that nothing has changed, we’re at odds what to try next. Anybody out there that can help us, please?

  58. Annabelle

    I was skeptical but desperate to treat my cats at home. I was giving them a probiotic and immune support but it wasn’t quite enough. Every time my orange tabby has a FHV flare up, it always results in an ER trip. I treated him, with Vira-x, when he was very sick and it brought him back to health. My ragdoll started to sneeze too and it prevented him from getting sicker. They received a cocktail of vira-x, a sinus support drops, and an upper respiratory support drops 3 times a day in wet food. They didn’t notice a taste too! Im so thankful for the product!!

  59. Brenda (verified owner)

    Viral x works . My baby is 2 years old and has chronic respiratory problems. This has helped him so much . No more wheezing. He breathes so much better. This is my second purchase and we’ll kerp buying.

  60. MK (verified owner)

    I witnessed a very quick turnaround in my orange boy’s viral conjunctivitis after using Vira-X. This was after trying several other supplements and of course daily L-lysine. He’s now a senior- lifelong feline herpes sufferer. Can’t thank you enough for the difference this has made for him. Meowza!

  61. Edwin

    Purchased Virax due to symptoms associated with feline calicivirus and and a few other infections. Mainly excess mucus and excessive nasal/eye discharge. Used as directed and I saw no difference since Bean first started the treatment. Went through the whole bottle and still no improvement in his condition. Suffice to say I’m pretty disappointed as this was my last line of hope after months of unsuccessful veterinary treatments.

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