It seems it’s the season for cat respiratory problems to flair up around the globe – and we’re here to help! If your kitty is sneezing, coughing or has runny eyes & nose, you need this remedy. If your cat has herpes or allergies, you need this remedy. Heck, we think every household needs this!

Respiratory problems are unfortunately common for cats of all ages. Some kitties get seasonal allergies and others get colds (yes cats get colds too) around this time of year… so let’s do something to help our cats be happier and healthier.

When an upper respiratory infection escalates, cats will often lose their appetite. This can be very dangerous for our kitties, so we can’t just let them avoid eating like we humans can when we don’t feel well. Instead we have to do something to help alleviate the symptoms and increase their appetite.

Oxy-Cat is a simple yet powerful remedy that’s healthy for all cats. It’s a very versatile product that can be used internally to fight infection, topically in the eyes or ears for conjunctivitis or ear infections and also in a vaporizer to be breathed right into the pulmonary system for relief. Best news? It works very quickly. When you first see symptoms you can often knock out the problem before it gets too painful for your cat.

It’s all natural and human grade. Yes, I said “human” grade… meaning, I take this myself when I feel a cold coming on. This is the one product we never leave home without. And, while we rarely promote our own products in a blog, we feel so strongly about the effectiveness of this product that it would be a disservice to you and you cats by not share it with you.

Check out what others are saying:

Got this for some stray kittens that I took in. One of them had really bad runny eyes which I assumed was a uri [upper respiratory infection]. Started both kittens on this about a week ago and eyes have cleared up completely. Seems to be doing a great job.” ~ Paula

4 of 5 of our cats have the Corona Virus, which is common in over 80% of shelter cats. Ours only sometimes show mild signs of upper respiratory and since they’ve been on this they are virtually symptom free!” ~ Kimberly

At such a great price point, there’s no logical reason to not have a bottle of Oxy-Cat in your home – even if just for prevention of cat respiratory problems.


Recommended for Feline Respiratory Issues


Oxy-Cat 1 oz



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