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Oxy-Cat is perhaps our most multifaceted product. Used internally, this easy-to-add liquid contains powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and balances the pH levels of stomach acid in our friendly felines. It also oxidizes and cleanses toxins and free radicals without harming the beneficial flora of the gut. Used topically, this pawsome formula fights parasites and heals wounds. Used in a vaporizer, Oxy-Cat will provide respiratory support, breaking up congestion in the chest. It’s a must-have for every kitty household!

Size: 1 ounce (click here for larger size)


Purrfect for:

  • Digestive Health
  • Respiratory Support
  • Ear mites
  • Feline Herpes 
  • Ringworm
  • Chin Acne
  • Dental Support
  • Oxalate Stones/Crystals
  • Rashes, Cuts, Abrasions 
  • pH Balance
  • Infections
  • And Much More!

In stock (can be backordered)

Oxy-Cat is a safe and stable compound of 1% Sodium Chlorite in reversed osmosis purified water.

Oxy-Cat  is an effective and easy to use alkaline formula that helps to eliminate pathogenic (bad) bacteria and fungal infections while balancing the pH levels of your cat.

Just mix the required amount of Oxy-Cat into your cat's daily wet food.

Directions for oral support: Add 4 drops of Oxy-Cat (per 10 lbs of body weight) into wet food twice daily - or administer with oral syringe or dropper.

Directions for ear support: Add 3-4 drops into ear and massage 3 times per day while problem persists. You can also use a q-tip for application.

Directions for topical support: Apply 2-5 drops to wound 2 times per day until fully healed.

Directions for vaporizer: Add 2 teaspoons of Oxy-Cat into 2 quarts of water in vaporizer and place in small enclosed area with your cat. Do this twice per day for 3-5 days or until symptoms subside.

An added measure: Add 10 drops into your cat's fresh water bowl daily to aid in purification.

Have Questions? Email us at info@twocrazycatladies.com or text us at 702-466-1150

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Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

45 reviews for Oxy-Cat 1 oz

Based on 40 reviews
  1. Adrienne

    My cat now has clean ears, doesn’t scratch them anymore and I feel like he can hear better too! Easy to use and works super fast! Thanks!

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  2. Sarah (Verified Customer)

    My cat had bumps under her chin and as soon as I added this to her food they went away and haven’t come back! And I love these products because I have 2 cats – they eat each other’s food but it won’t harm or affect my cat who’s ok. Love all these products.

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  3. Paula Filius (Verified Customer)

    Got this for some stray kittens that I took in. One of them had really bad runny eyes which I assumed was a uri. Started both kittens on this about a week ago and eyes have cleared up completely. Seems to be doing a great job. Jae was awesome with helping me choose between products. You not only get great products but you also get amazing service from the ladies. Always so helpful and knowledgeable.

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  4. Heidi (Verified Customer)

    This product was recommended to me for cat acne. One of my cats had a mild case while the other was more severe and it worked great for both! Thank you ladies so much for everything you do :)!

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  5. Nancy (Verified Customer)

    I got this for Sammy my 18 yr old CKF who had ear bacterial problems. Placed a few drops directly in the ear. It worked very fast to clear it up unlike anything else I had tried before (and there were many). But after i put the recommended drops it in his water bowl containing 10 oz of water i noticed he had peed right on the floor at some point so obviously he wasn’t able to make it to the litter box in time. This was highly unusual for him, he NEVER pees on the floor even with CKF so i was afraid to use it again. What do you guys think?

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  6. markd98 (Verified Customer)

    After reading the reviews I had the expectation that I could help my cat with several of the ailments the description claims it will cure. This product went 0 cures for 3 ailments unfortunately. Hope it works better for others.

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  7. Joanne Halpin

    I just got a blood panel report from my vet. My cat is a few months shy of 18 years old. No thyroid issues. No kidney issues. No issues of any kind that require medication or follow-up care. These products promote health and wellness in your pets and are truly amazing.

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  8. Trish (Verified Customer)

    I started using Oxy-cat along with CATalyst on my two older cats. I noticed a difference in their activity level within a few days of using this combo. I decided to start to use Oxy-cat on my two younger cats too. Maggie my youngest who is ALWAYS on me started to have nasty breath even though her teeth were fine. Within a few days of adding Oxy-cat to her wet food, her breath is now lovely. It’s super easy to administer (just add to their food or water) and works amazingly. All four of my cats have had great results!

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  9. Kimberly Wade (Verified Customer)

    4 of 5 of our cats have the Corona Virus, which is common in over 80% of shelter cats. Ours only sometimes show mild signs of upper respiratory and since they’ve been on this they are virtually symptom free! We’ve also paired this with the catalyst and it also helps our youngest with her cattitude, sometimes pooping on the floor, and overall well-being. About to purchase more as we speak!

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  10. Deb (Verified Customer)

    I have been using this along with Vita Cat Vitamin C. My kitty has been dealing with stomatitis , in the past. After having numerous teeth pulled and inflamed gums, I decided to give these two items a try. I am glad I did. I just had her in last week, for a check up. Teeth are doing fine. Her previous six month check up went well also. I contribute it, to these two items. My vet said the vitamin c is probably helping, because of its antioxidant properties. I won’t be without them.

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  11. Meghan Waals (Verified Customer)

    This product in combination with Vira is 100% a literal lifesaver!

    in January 2018 I had a litter get extremely sick out of nowhere. They had swollen, red goopy eyes that didn’t improve with colloidal silver diffused, oral or ocularly nor with commercial veterinary grade eye antibiotic creams despite being naturally reared on a balanced raw diet and colostrum added to the food. They developed a cough and soon we lost two kittens. The ER diagnosed them with pneumonia after with PCR results chlamydia, mycoplasma, and calicivirus. To avoid more lost kittens we started Clavamox which wasn’t working well than azithromycin as well as a probiotic and numo care c from Amber Naturalz. After a few weeks the remaining three were back to normal.

    In April the same thing started happening. Again nothing was working despite different protocols including a better colloidal silver, nosodes etc. . I really wanted to avoid antibiotics in such young babies. I ordered azithromycin just in case at the same time I ordered Vira and oxy cat. Very quickly I noticed changes in a positive direction. It did take about 4 weeks for them to get back to normal but I excepted as much (and honestly nothing at all).
    This product saved my kittens’ lives and I NEVER had to use antibiotics. I will ALWAYS keep these two products on hand at a minimum.

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  12. butterfly_96319 (Verified Customer)

    I noticed my cat was shaking his head as though something was bothering his ears but he wasnt scratching his ears. He was also sneezing and I could hear a little congestion in his chest when he was purring. I started putting this in his food and the sneezing stopped and the rattling has subsided. He also stopped shaking his head. This has now become another daily medicine for him. Thanks ladies for helping this cat mom.

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  13. Marena (Verified Customer)

    I originally got Oxy for my cat with digestive issues and hair loss on his ankles and ears . The hair loss, I guessed came from not eating properly. In the beginning I added this and Catylst to some canned salmon water to make sure he licked up every last drop. His hair loss on his ankles and ears filled in nicely. It was then recommended that I try this for teeth and gum support since all three of my kitties can get some pretty smelly breath sometimes. We started doing the oral syringe onto their gums before bed when they are all done eating. We don’t do it daily, but at least twice a week. It seems to be working so far!

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  14. Barbara Stewart (Verified Customer)

    I am just beginning to use Oxy-Cat and have not yet scratched the surface of all the ways my FIV-positive kitty can benefit. It is truly a multifaceted supplement! I love that it is easy to administer orally in food look forward to its many other uses.

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  15. Cheryl (Verified Customer)

    I’ve been using Oxy-Cat in one of my kitties ears that produces wax like crazy! I’ve had medicine from the vet that did help, but not long term. I put 3 drops in her ear a few times a day at first, but now just once a day. Her ears are clear! And don’t smell, poor thing had to be miserable. She used to dig that ear, it really was yucky! I also use Oxy here and there when one gets the sneezes. (as when one does, they all do….) Thanks for all the great products, I think I use most of them!!

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  16. Tina Krasulak (Verified Customer)

    Hi. My old man Sunshine had such an ear mites situation and this OxyCat seriously worked. I added it to his water and put some in his ears, along with his ‘wet food treat’ and he is so much happier. Delivery of this was 3 days from order and both my cats love the super balls and the small cat nip pillows. I highly recommend all of these. 😁

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  17. Diana Nashban (Verified Customer)

    My cat laps up her food with her new drops added. Just been using for a few weeks. Thanks for this great product!

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  18. Conne (Verified Customer)

    Great product! Helped with new 6 month old kitten’s gas problem!

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  19. carolkaiser338 (Verified Customer)

    This product was given to me by the cat
    sanctuary where I took Tuppence as a
    rescue, hence, forever cat. She had eye
    and immune issues. Had bad experience
    ordering it from eBay, but then went to
    the legitimate source, and very happy!!! Tuppence is also a happy kitty once again!!
    Thanks gals!!!

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  20. Olivia (Verified Customer)

    Saw results within a day! My adult male has always struggled with bacterial acne/yeast overloads that multiple vets passed off as allergies or ear mites. Glad to see my kitty’s fresh white face again. Wish I had a gallon of this stuff!

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  21. Sylvie B Bilodeau (Verified Customer)

    I never got my product yet, I don’t know why, they took the money but the product did not get here

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  22. Joy Settle (Verified Customer)

    Good product. My CoCo has become more outgoing now that she feels better. It’s great to see her out playing instead of hiding.

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  23. Katie

    My 16 year old boy is playing again!

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  24. Maryeileen Corcoran (Verified Customer)

    I haven’t seen a big difference, but we haven’t been using it that long.

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  25. Blanca Ferrucci (Verified Customer)

    My cats had a cold for a week and I was very worry, I contacted this wonderful ladies on their page and they suggested to use this product with them, without exaggeration they were better in two days and all good after four, thank you so much!

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  26. Linda Hall (Verified Customer)

    This is a-meow-zing!!! It helped my cat’s IBS and helped another with a fungal infection. It can even be applied topically for wounds and ear mites! BEST of all … it’s safe and natural. Can I give it 20 stars? Meow!

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  27. Kim DiMarco (Verified Customer)

    Can’t get my cats to eat the food if I put on their wet food like the directions say. It also turned the food grey. The dog ate the cat food though. Ca’t review if it would work if I can’t get the drops in the cats? Nowhere to click to start a return so not sure how valid their 100% money back guarantee is either?

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  28. Yani (Verified Customer)

    Fast shipping and can’t wait to see the wonders 😍

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  29. Valerie Wild (Verified Customer)

    Some of my cats and kittens had ear mites and ear yeast infections. So easy to use in their ears and is quite effective. First time using your products and I will soon be ordering more! Thanks! I love that they are natural and will not hurt my cats.

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  30. Michael Sarabia (Verified Customer)

    A very good food supplement . My kitty Specks was having breathing problems and was losing weight, a few days worth of dosages and my cat’s symptoms improved and she started gaining weight, just in time for winter.

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  31. Kathryne Barnhill (Verified Customer)

    My TyTy has had ear mites unsuccessfully treated by my Vet. Scratches her ears, whines and is miserable. Using the Oxi-Cat orally via a syringe in the AM and swabbing the ears in the PM. Symptoms have decreased!! I will continue this product!!

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  32. Cathrine (Verified Customer)

    One of my fur babies has problems with chin irritation in warm months. Oxy-Cat has helped resolve it every time it happens. Very happy with the product.

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  33. Yvonne

    My 9 month old kitten had had ear mites since I brought him home at 11 weeks. Since that time I tried 3 diff over the counter cures and two prescriptions. They never fully worked. After two days of oxycat, it’s cured. Bravo. And thank you.. also cleared up his acne.

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  34. Tina Rankin (Verified Customer)

    I’ve used this orally and topically and it works wonders. Used it on my cat with chin acne both ways and it cleared up within a week. Used it topically on a feral cat at work who had been in a fight and had an abscess on his neck. Within a couple days the wound was starting to heal up, by the 4 day there was no more seepage and now hair has grown back and you can never tell he lost the fight. 🙂

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  35. Susan (Verified Customer)

    Arrived and kitties feeling great!

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  36. Claudia Ortiz (Verified Customer)

    It works great!!

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  37. Nancy Allen (Verified Customer)

    We have been using oxy-cat for 3 months, and my elderly cat Sam’s overall vitality is better.

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  38. Daphne A. (Verified Customer)

    This product has helped tremendously with my 6 year old female cats wet and runny eye. I had been doing black tea compresses for almost 3 months with little to no change. After the very first application of Oxy-Cat her eye has become 97% better. Amazing product!

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  39. Michelle (Verified Customer)

    I have been using oxy-cat and catalyst for 2 weeks now. My senior girl was recently diagnosed with asthma and I wanted to improve her overall health as well as treat her asthma. She has suffered from dry, itchy skin (dandruff) chin acne, hairballs, yeast in ears, arthritis and general inflammation. I had high hopes for this product and it has not disappointed! Her chin acne is gone. Her skin is less flaky and her coat is soft and fluffy. She is having better bowel movements and grooming more. She is more active and is less bothered when I touch her arthritic spot on her back. I’m hoping it will also help with her teeth but she won’t let me look at them lol. She is getting Catalyst once a day and oxy-cat twice a day in her wet food. She has no problem eating it up. I have zero regrets and will be buying more. Shipping to Canada was quick. Took exactly one week to arrive.

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  40. Alice S. (Verified Customer)

    I have been using this for about a week with my two 17 year old cats and one ten year old. I’m seeing some subtle improvement in their general quality of life. Nothing obvious yet .

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  41. MALINDA SARGENT (Verified Customer)

    I haven’t noticed it yet getting rid of the ringworm my cat has. Giving both topical and internal.

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  42. Anonymous (Verified Customer)

    Not sure if this is working or switching the food?

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  43. Kenneth Furger (Verified Customer)

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  44. Karin (Verified Customer)

    I use it to help my older male cats ears. He always has infections. This seems to help the best.

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  45. Christa (Verified Customer)

    My cat is doing so much better using the OXY-CAT

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