Ear mites are little crab or spider-like parasites that invade our cat’s ears. These little critters multiply very quickly and they can easily jump from the ear of one pet to the ear of another pet and start a whole new infestation. Cat ear mites can get stinky and gooey, but the fact that they literally eat away at the ears of our cats and cause them horrible discomfort is heartbreaking.

Common symptoms of cat ear mites are:

  1. Excessive scratching of the ears
  2. Excessive shaking of the head
  3. Stinky ear odor
  4. Dark stuff in the ears that look like coffee grounds
  5. Dizziness

It’s important to understand that cat ear mites, if left untreated, can cause secondary skin infections or sometimes even cause deafness. These critters won’t just attack the ears. They will spread to other areas of the body too. Treating ear mites quickly is highly recommended – and using prevention is a great way to avoid further complications with the critters (I just love typing the word ‘critters’).

How To Treat Cat Ear Mites

If you are like us, you cringe at the thought of putting more chemicals into your cat’s little body. The good news is that there are natural ear mite treatments for cats that you can get online. Be careful of the word “natural” however. The marketing schemes are really deceptive in big brand pet stores both online and off. Look up the first few ingredients on Google and if the list is super long, you may want to look elsewhere. We use Oxy-Cat for ear mites (and nearly every other topical issue). We give it to our cats in their food too – to keep their little cells oxidized and toxin free. This is also a great product for holistic prevention. Rubbing a couple drops around the ears once or twice a month is sufficient to keep the critters away!


Recommended Support for Ear Mites


Oxy-Cat 1 oz



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