Your cat is sneezing, congested, not eating properly and seeming to sleep more than usual. You’re not sure what to do and a vet visit is so expensive. Is this a cat cold? Do cats get colds? Will it run its course or should I do something right away to help my sniffly kitty? These are all the common questions that we get when cat parents notice these symptoms in their cats.

Here’s the good news. If the symptoms aren’t chronic and your kitty is battling a ‘cat cold’ (otherwise known as Feline Upper Respiratory Virus), you can combat this naturally, usually without a vet visit. Cat colds are unfortunately pretty common. In fact, this is one of the top 5 issues cats deal with.

Part of the reason cat colds are so common is that many veterinarians treat this virus with antibiotics or steroids. This inevitably leads to a compromised immune system, making cats more susceptible to a reoccurring infection. Antibiotics will kill the bacteria or virus causing the infection but they also kill the good bacteria needed for a healthy immune system. A weakened immune system makes it more difficult to fight off infection – leading to another round of antibiotics or steroids. And so the cycle continues.

How To Fix A Cat Cold The Right Way

Give a boost to your cat’s immune system. A cat cold usually runs its course in one to four weeks. A strong immune system, built and supported by good nutrition and healthy supplements, will kick out this infection pretty quick. And help prepare your cat to fend off future infections.

If your cat is really congested, she may not be able to smell her food. It may appear that she has lost her appetite. Take care to make sure she has a regular meal time and observe her food intake.

Understand this: There are no specific medications that can absolutely cure your kitty’s infection – so it’s important to give your cat supportive care in the form of fluids and nutritional supplements that will help her immune system overcome the virus. If you have to administer these via oral syringe, do it. Cats may not like it now, but they will most definitely like feeling better.

Remember that the immune system is key. Cats live much longer and healthier lives when they’re able to hunt their own prey and find the nutrients they need in the wild. As guardians of domestic cats, we must do our best to mirror the nutrients of their natural diets. Doing this will help fix a cat cold the right way.


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