Right now seems to be feline flu season. We’ve had an influx of cat parents contacting us for help with their congested or sneezy kitty. If you have a cat with upper respiratory issues, here are a couple important things you should know…

How To Help A Cat With Upper Respiratory Problems

  1. If your cat has a virus (which is what most upper respiratory issues are), antibiotics won’t fix it. You see, antibiotics are made to fight bad bacteria in the body. So, if the infection is bacterial it will help, but we’re seeing case after case where it does not. 90% of cat parents who come to us have already been through rounds of antibiotics at the vet, and the problem persists. Most respiratory infections are viral in nature… which isn’t the same as a bacterial infection. We need to fight the issue at hand, which is why the antibiotics aren’t working. Instead, look for an anti-viral product that will address the root of the problem. There are many anti-viral remedies out there, but our favorite (and most efficient) is called Vira-X for cats.
  2. Just like with any virus, if your kitty has a strong immune system she’ll have a faster recovery time. Currently we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and every source says that you are less likely to contract the virus if you have a strong immune system. And if you do, you’ll have a faster recovery time and less symptoms. The same goes for our cats. If you’re feeding your cat a species appropriate, healthy diet and offer supplemental support for his immune system, he’ll be less likely to have a bad upper respiratory issue. Don’t worry if your past this stage because it’s never too late to start strengthening your cat’s immune system! Start today by adding in some fresh food to the diet and give your kitty some immune building supplemental support.

Taking the above steps is how we’ve seen hundreds of cats with upper respiratory problems kick them quickly, naturally and efficiently!


Natural Formula for Upper Respiratory Issues in Cats


Vira-X Anti-Viral Cat Supplement



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