You’re probably asking, “what does fresh feeding and compound interest have to do with each other?” Well, let me tell you…

Pet nutrition influencer and research junkie, Rodney Habib, recently pointed out that studies show how simply replacing 20% of processed food with fresh food can decrease risk of disease in pets by up to 90%. Just replacing twenty percent!

Regardless of what big box pet stores tell you, there is power in fresh feeding our pets. It’s common sense for many of us. We know that eating a fresh diet is healthier for humans, so why would our cats be any different?

Okay but what does this have to do with compound interest?

Compound interest is “interest calculated on the initial principal and which also includes all of the accumulated interest of previous periods…” So, follow me here… If the sandwich we have for lunch each day is the principal, and our side dish is the interest that will accumulate over time – what side dish do you choose? If you replace fries with a salad each day, you’ll compound the results of eating a salad vs. eating fries. Meaning, over time, you’ll be healthier!

The same concept goes for our pets – and the research proves it. A little bit can go a long way in helping our cats live longer and healthier lives. Doing one small thing – consistently over time – accumulates measurable results. And we get to choose what interest we’d like to accrue!

Our cats now eat fresh food in every meal and have for the past few years because e choose to accrue the compound interest of fresh feeding for our kitties. The result has been shinier coats, less sickness, more energy and healthier teeth.

I challenge you to start making one small change to your cat’s dish by adding in a small amount of fresh food daily. Do this consistently over time and you’ll have a happier and healthier kitty!



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