Common Joint Issues in Cats


It is estimated that 90% of cats over the age of 10 will develop some form of arthritis. Because cats are stoic, we often don’t recognize when they are experiencing pain in their joints, even if it is a result of an injury. In this guide we will discuss how to recognize and resolve joint pain in cats naturally.



Other common joint problems in cats:

Limping in Cats

Limping in cats is a sign of pain or swelling. This could be due to fatty tissue in overweight cats, an injury or even some forms of cancer. If your cat suddenly starts limping it is important to get a diagnosis of the root cause so that you can resolve the problem. Using pain medication or steroids will mask symptoms, but they also come with side effects.

Pain in Cats’ Joints

Recognizing the subtle signs of pain in our cats’ joints is key to resolving the issue before it progresses. Refusing to jump on furniture, slowing down when going upstairs, playing less and lack of grooming are some of the more subtle signs we often miss. Other signs of joint pain in cats are lameness, reluctance to move, decreased appetite, lowering head posture, straining to use the litter box, and general change of mood.

Swelling and Inflammation in Cats’ Joints

Swelling and inflammation is a symptom of many joint issues in cats. Inflammation around the joints can cause severe discomfort and even degeneration of the synovial fluid around the joints. Steroids and anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed for this, however, they often make the problem worse – long term. Approaching inflammation and swelling naturally will help to resolve the underlying issue and avoid future problems.

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