Giardia in Cats

Worm eX is a powerful remedy against giardia parasites! This herbal formula is designed to destroy the pathogenic proteins within intestinal parasites, which stops giardia in its tracks. All this while allowing good cells to stay healthy! Simply add the recommended drops to your cats food once daily and watch the difference in a short amount of time.

Other Suggestions:

  • Recurrence of giardia is possible even after successful treatment so we recommend giving 3 days of Worm eX dosage to your cat once monthly after treatment.
  • Giardia can live in water so do not flush your cat’s feces down the toilet.
  • Do not allow your cat access to outdoor drinking water sources.
  • Keep your kitty away from other animals feces when outside.
  • Probiotics are also recommended for a healthy gut.

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Our advice and suggestions are based upon research and experience in natural support in this area. This advice is in no way meant to be a replacement for consulting your veterinarian about your cat’s condition.