If you’re wondering if you should deworm your cat, this blog is for you. Let’s just say it, worms are gross! My Frankie was a stray that showed up at our farm in Illinois. We fell in love with him at first sight. We brought him in and I got him neutered and vetted at a low cost spay and neuter clinic but completely forgot to get him checked for worms and parasites. I noticed that his coat was not great for how young he was. He was also thin but I figured it was just because he was living outdoors and had to really work for his food. Two or three weeks later, my husband calls me mortified because Frankie vomited in our bathroom and it looked like a pile of LIVE spaghetti!! It was a pile of moving worms!

Worms in our kitties are not only gross but they can really have an effect on our cat’s health. If worms are not treated they can potentially be fatal. Long term effects of untreated worms can cause anemia from blood loss or even cause an intestinal blockage from an overload of tapeworms. Not good!

When To Deworm Your Cat

With my Frankie it was obvious he had worms and needed to be dewormed.  However, some cats can have a significant load of worms and it’s not obvious they need to be dewormed. Many vets, when you bring your new cat in, will automatically give your cat a dewormer…  But wait!!  What if your cat doesn’t actually have worms? Do we really need to give a chemical dewormer as a precautionary measure? Heck NO!

We want to have our vet run a simple test called a fecal to have the vet check for worms and parasites. This can save our kitties from getting a chemical treatment they don’t need. Another way to completely avoid using a harsh dewormer is by using an all natural one. Our Worm eX is an all natural, non toxic dewormer that works on all worms and even kills parasites such as giardia. I ended up treating Frankie and my entire crew with Worm eX including our dogs and have not had any issues with worms since.

So don’t just deworm your cats or kittens unless they need it and always consider using a natural dewormer instead of a harsh chemical one.


Natural Dewormer For Cats


Worm eX



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