Are you deworming your cat on a regular basis? If so, we need to talk.

Worms and parasites are something we do NOT want in our cats. Cats can pick up a number of different worms and parasites. To name a few there are tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms etc. These gross guys can wreak havoc on our cats’ health. Left untreated worms can have serious effects on our cats gastrointestinal tract. Having worms can become dangerous!

Cats can become anemic from the loss of blood from the worms but also they can become malnourished from lack of nutrients, this can cause dehydration, weight loss and even death. The worm load can get so bad that it can cause an intestinal blockage which can be fatal. As you can see, worms are something we do not want to ignore. However, do we just want to deworm our cats on a regular basis? My short answer is HECK NO!

Should You Deworm Your Cat Regularly?

Deworming your cat as a preventative is not a good idea. Regularly deworming your cat or dog is unnecessary and the chemicals in the anti-parasitic drugs can increase the toxic load in your cats. This can be hard on their liver and kidneys.

Am I saying to just ignore the fact that your cat or kitten might have worms or parasites, not at all. I am a big believer in not treating unless it’s necessary. My suggestion is to bring a stool sample to your vet to have them check for worms. I would do this at least once a year. However, if you suspect your cat has worms, bring a sample in sooner. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor kitty, I would suggest bringing in a stool sample every 6 months.

Simply scoop your cat’s poop from that day and put it in a zip lock bag. Write your cat’s full name on the bag and the date and the time the sample was collected. If you get the sample and won’t be able to get to the vet for a few hours, just put it in the refrigerator.

Please be proactive and get your cats checked for worms with a fecal exam. You don’t even need to bring your cat into the vet, you can just drop the stool sample off. If your cat tests positive for worms, please use a natural dewormer which is non toxic to our cats. Our Worm eX works great and it’s completely non toxic!

Safe & Natural Dewormer for Cats


Worm eX



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