Feline Diabetes

Studies have shown that providing antioxidant support to cats with diabetes helps reduce blood sugar levels. While there isn’t a product that can cure diabetes, CATalyst Antioxidant Enzyme Formula has done wonders for diabetic kitties. Please read suggestions below, as diet is the #1 key to helping this issue in felines.

Other suggestions:

  • Feed only a moisture rich diet (no dry kibble) to your diabetic kitty. The high amount of carbohydrates in kibble is one of the leading causes of diabetes in cats – so be sure to start the transition to a canned/raw food today.
  • It’s imperative that you keep a close monitor on an insulin dependent cat’s glucose levels when you switch from a dry to a more species appropriate diet. The amount of insulin needed will decrease immediately once lowering the carbohydrate intake. You can hurt your cat by giving too much insulin.
  • Take at least 20 minutes per day and help your cat be more active. Exercising your kitty helps her overall health in many ways. The above formula will also help increase energy levels.
  • Consider making homemade treats out of of plain meat (no carbs) or buy freeze dried treats instead of the commercially processed ones.

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Our advice and suggestions are based upon research and experience in natural support in this area. This advice is in no way meant to be a replacement for consulting your veterinarian about your cat’s condition.