Feline Diabetes is a rising epidemic for indoor cats. Studies show that at least 1 in every 230 cats will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So why are so many kitties getting diabetes? Well, many veterinarian experts say that this is almost always avoidable because the most common cause of diabetes is a dry food diet.

You see, all kibble has a high amount of carbohydrates & starches in it and these ingredients raise blood sugar levels. Most of us think that our cats aren’t at risk of diabetes because they are at a good weight. However, recent studies show that your cat doesn’t have to be overweight to develop diabetes . The study cited, “In cats assessed by owners as being normal weight, there was an association between eating predominantly dry food and an increased risk of diabetes“.

Avoiding Feline Diabetes

Personally I’ve worked with customers whose cats were diagnosed with diabetes and went into remission by simply switching their diet. Some cat nutrition experts say that feeding low quality wet food is better than feeding high quality dry. Carbohydrates are one of the reasons. The body recognizes carbs as sugar and breaks it down as such. Cats need less than 10% carbs in their diet and most kibble has upwards of 40%-60% carbohydrates in the bag.

The majority of feline veterinarians are now aware that a dry food diet isn’t good for a cat’s health, so why are most cats fed kibble? I think it’s because of convenience. Kibble is an easy way to feed your kitties an all-day buffet.

There are other reasons that can contribute to feline diabetes like unnecessary steroid usage and over vaccinations, however, these are also avoidable. To keep your kitty from becoming diabetic, feed them a species appropriate moist food diet and avoid allowing unnecessary chemicals in their bodies.


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