According to, at least 93% of indoor cats are fed a dry food diet. So why do so many feline specialists advocate for a moisture rich diet?

Let’s chat about why 93% of indoor cats are fed a dry food diet. It’s super easy, right? Just dump it in a bowl and Wala you are done! Heck some people don’t even wash the bowls daily, they just keep topping the food off, EWW!! is all I have to say to that! Please wash your pets bowls daily with soap and water… but I digress.

Dry food is also pretty inexpensive but then again the old saying applies here, you get what you pay for! And here is a big one: most of our cats will quickly become addicted to those highly processed carbs, which are NOT good for them.

It’s convenient, cheap and our cats are addicted to it. But what about your cat’s longevity and health? Let’s look a little deeper into why a moisture rich diet is so important to our cats.

Feeding Wet vs. Dry

Our feline friends are prone to kidney disease, urinary tract issues, diabetes and more. When it comes to our health as well as our pets’ health, diet is huge! Cats are desert animals and because of this they have a very low thirst drive. I can’t tell you how many times I hear cat owners tell me, “OH, my cat drinks LOTS of water!” Remember cats have a very low thirst drive naturally so once they are drinking a lot of water, they are telling you something is wrong.

Cats are unable to make up for the moisture their body needs by drinking water alone. This is an easy fix by feeding them fresh food, wet food or a raw food diet. If you can’t for whatever reason go to a completely moisture rich diet for your cat, start by just adding some fresh food or some wet food. Switching even just 25% of their diet to moisture rich can have a huge impact on your cat’s health.

Think of it this way, McDonald’s is quick, inexpensive, tasty and easy for us to feed our family but do you really want to feed a highly processed, lacking in nutrition and just bad for us food on a daily basis? Of course not, so why do that for your precious furry feline friend.



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