Feline Diarrhea

The CATastic Wellness Kit combines the power of digestive enzymes and alkalinity to help ease the tummies of kitties with loose stools or diarrhea. CATalyst helps your cat to better digest and utilize the nutrients within the food and Oxy-Cat helps counter the acidic stomach pH while fighting any possible bacterial or viral issues in the gut!

Other suggestions:

  • There are many reasons cats have diarrhea. If this is an ongoing issue, please make sure to take your kitty to a veterinarian to be sure there is not a more serious problem.
  • A sudden change of diet can sometimes cause diarrhea in felines. If the diet has recently been changed, try taking a step back and slowly transition from the old food to the new. This kit will also help in the transition process. 
  • If the food hasn’t been changed and there is no sign of underlying disease, this could be a food allergy. Cats can develop sensitivities to certain proteins if fed the same one over a prolonged period of time. Try transitioning your kitty to a new, healthier diet!
  • Sometimes cats will get diarrhea because of stress. If you have a stressed out kitty, try our Cat Calm formula

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Our advice and suggestions are based upon research and experience in natural support in this area. This advice is in no way meant to be a replacement for consulting your veterinarian about your cat’s condition.