Here’s the issue: You have multiple cats. While scooping the litter, you realize someone is having terrible diarrhea. But everyone is acting fine – so how can you know which cat has diarrhea?

Cat are both predators and prey animals. As predators, they are stealthy hunters. As prey animals, they are always alert and instinctively hide pain – so they don’t appear weak. It’s important to know this interesting fact about cats because they really don’t tell us when they’re not feeling well.

Many years ago, we came home to find puddles of diarrhea around our house. We frantically did a head-count of our cats to see who wasn’t feeling well. Everyone was fine. Everyone was acting normal. There was no change in anyone’s appetite or energy levels.

We were stumped. And worried. Someone was very sick – but we couldn’t tell which cat had diarrhea. We also were not in a position (financially or physically) to load up all of our cats and take them to the vet for a work-up.

How To Tell Which Cat Has Diarrhea:

FYI – This tip is also super helpful for finding out which cat might be vomiting too.

Pick up some natural and organic food coloring from your local market. Make separate plates of food for each of your cats and put a few drops of different coloring in each meal. Make a chart of which cat has which color.

Now, just wait for your kitties to make their deposits. Each poop will have a slightly different hue of color – and voila! You are able to tell which cat has diarrhea!




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