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Burns In Cats

Symptoms, Causes & Natural Remedies

Burns in cats cause injury to the skin and can range from minor to severe. Severe burns on the skin of cats should be treated immediately and seen by a veterinarian as quickly as possible. The most common types of burns in cats are either from a hot object (thermal) or from a chemical compound.

Symptoms of Cat Burns

Burns are classified into 3 categories, based on the level of skin damage:

  • First degree burns are classified as red & slightly inflamed skin without damage to the layers. Often hair is singed or gone – and we can thank the hair for saving the skin in this case.
  • Second degree burns are classified as red skin with blisters present and are more painful for our cats. Drainage may also occur. This type of burn should be closely monitored, as it will take longer to heal and can risk infection with open blisters. Though rare, some cats will go into shock with second degree burns or suffer from dehydration.
  • Third degree burns happen when the culprit burns through every layer of the skin, causing damage to the tissue underneath. This can cause loss of pain sensation and should be treated immediately. Shock, dehydration, and infection are a high risk.

If the burn is from a fire, your kitty may also experience respiratory distress. If caused by a chemical burn, your cat may attempt to lick itself, causing further internal health issues.  

Causes of Burns in Cats

The most common causes of burns on cats are:

  • Thermal: This happens when your cat encounters a hot object like stepping on a stove, burning themselves with a candle or getting too close steam.
  • Chemical: This is caused when your cat has physical exposure to a chemical compound or chemical fumes like acid, gasoline, certain cleaners, and paint thinners.
  • Mechanical burns: These types of burns are less common in cats but are caused by friction. Kind of like us getting a carpet burn.

Natural Treatment for Cat Burns

If your cat is a victim of a burn, it’s best to start treatment immediately at home. Cool water is your friend. Flush the affected area with cool water and apply cool compress until the next step.

Next step for first degree burns: After applying cool water for 10-15 minutes, pat the area dry softly, so as to not cause pain. Apply Meow Mist Plus and/or organic coconut oil to the affected area for relief and to speed up healing.

Next step for second degree burns: After applying cool compress to area, contact your vet to set an appointment. Apply Meow Mist Plus and/or organic coconut oil to the affected area while you wait for the appointment at your veterinarian’s office.

Next step for third degree burns: Apply cool compress to affected area, wrap your kitty in a warm blanket or towel and get to the emergency vet as soon as possible.




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