Common Behavioral Issues in Cats


The number one reason that cats are sent to shelters is because of behavioral issues. The majority of these behavioral issues can be resolved with a little help from the humans! In this guide we will discuss how to successfully help stop common behavioral issues in cats.



More behavioral issues in cats:

Anxiety in Cats

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease in cats and many kitties struggle with anxiety on a regular basis. Resolving the stress issues will stop unwanted behaviors as well as help lower the risk of illness. There are simple changes we can make at home to stop anxiety in cats.

Door Dashing Cats

Cats that are allowed outside unsupervised are at a much higher risk of injury or death, so cats that dash out the door when you open it can be scary. It’s important that we resolve this behavior to help our cats live the longest lives possible.

Enrichment (CATification)

Many cat parents are unaware of the amount of exercise and mental enrichment that cats need. While they are not small dogs, ignoring enrichment in cats will spiral into behavioral and health issues down the road.


Cats are nocturnal, which means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. Some breeds of cats are more hyperactive than others and need extra special attention. If your cat suddenly becomes hyperactive out of nowhere, there could be an underlying health issue going on.

Introducing Cats

Whether you are introducing cats to other cats, dogs or people – there is a proven way to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Introducing cats into a new home properly can take time, but has long-lasting positive effects.

Cats Keeping You Awake At Night

Because of their nocturnal nature, cats are most active during times of day that many humans prefer to be sleeping. If your kitty is keeping you awake at night by meowing, playing or demanding attention, there are some things you can do to curb this behavior.

Stress Licking (Over Grooming)

Stress licking, sometimes called overgrooming, is a problem for many cats with anxiety issues. Cats that lick one specific area of their bodies will often do this because of a pain point under the skin in that area. If health issues have been ruled out, cats that stress lick need help in reducing their anxiety.

Training Cats

Many behavioral issues in cats can be easily addressed and corrected through proper training. Most dog parents will train their canines, but cat parents are often unaware that cats are easily trainable as well. Training cats not only corrects unwanted behaviors, but it will also build the human-feline bond in huge ways.

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