List Of Holiday Human Foods Safe To Share With Cats

Most of us love the holiday season and in our home the kitties do too! Because they are part of our family, we like to spend much of the Christmas holiday spoiling our cats. If you’re planning a holiday dinner, here are some human foods safe to share with cats...

Using Leftover Turkey Bones For Bone Broth

Have you ever wondered how to utilize those turkey bones from your Thanksgiving dinner? Well, I’m going to show you how to use them for your cats! Bone broth offers so many health benefits and our feline companions absolutely love it. Not only is it tasty for...

Should Cats Eat Tuna?

I’ve never met a cat that didn’t love tuna – but should our cats eat tuna? 25 years ago, while walking along the Tennessee River, I found two tiny kittens. They were trying to stay warm in a plastic bag that they were apparently dumped in. They were...

Is Dry Food Good For Cats?

Is dry food good for your kitties? Even though studies are proving otherwise, many people and even veterinarians believe kibble is a fine diet. It’s so easy to open a bag of dry cat food, throw it in the bowl and be done. Most cats love to crunch on the high carb,...

Scared Of Raw Food For Your Cat?

Let’s face it… most people are scared of raw food in general, let alone feeding it to their beloved kitties. We were afraid of feeding raw at first too. Raw food has a bad rap because many think it carries scary bacteria and pathogens that could harm...
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