Let’s face it… most people are scared of raw food in general, let alone feeding it to their beloved kitties. We were afraid of feeding raw at first too. Raw food has a bad rap because many think it carries scary bacteria and pathogens that could harm animals.

We’ve been raised to believe that raw meat is dangerous and it should always be cooked before being consumed. Because so many meats are factory farmed and inhumanely raised, it’s likely safer for us humans to cook the majority of meat that we eat. If you could see the animal meat that goes into the majority of commercial cat foods, you’d likely never feed them again or be grateful that your kitty’s kibble is high-heat processed.

Did you know that kibble is recalled for potentially harmful ingredients 75% times more than raw foods?

Most of us try to humanize our cats in some way. So, if raw meat isn’t good for us it can’t be good for our cats. The difference, however, is that our digestive systems are entirely different from that of felines. While all foods, highly processed or not, has the potential of contamination – cats are at a much lower risk of illness consuming raw meat because of their short, acidic digestive tract. So, if there’s a scary pathogen in the food it’ll often be killed and passed through without causing issue.

Cats were made to digest raw meats. In the wild (or even outside in your yard), cats hunt prey and eat it. They don’t take their dead prey to a bonfire and cook it before consuming. Just because you may be scared of raw food for yourself or your family doesn’t mean we should deny our kitties the diet they were designed to eat.

So don’t be scared to feed your cat a balanced, species appropriate raw food diet. If you’re looking to upgrade their food, consider feeding a raw food!



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