If you follow us, you know that we advocate to feed a raw diet to kitties for better health and longevity, however, you can do this wrong. I believe that the reason most conventional veterinarians discourage raw feeding is because many think this is just buying ground meat at the market and feeding that as a diet.

Cats are obligate carnivores, so the majority of their diet should consist of animal meat. In the wild, however, cats will eat all the pieces of their prey and this consists of many different vitamins and minerals. Ground meat from the market does not contain adequate amounts of the nutrients needed for cats to sustain life long term. While the raw meat itself won’t hurt your cat, the lack of a balanced diet eventually will. Feeding an unbalanced raw diet can lead to health problems.

Now, this shouldn’t discourage anyone from feeding your cat a fresh food diet. If you want to feed a raw diet to your cats we applaud this as one of the best decisions you can make for your kitty. Cats were designed to eat raw meat and a healthy raw diet is so much better than the kibble & canned foods that are full of fillers and preservatives. All 6 of our cats eat a raw diet and it reflects in their overall health!

There are many amazing companies that create balanced raw food diets for pets that include everything our cats need. There’s also ample information out there on how to create balanced raw food at home. We have a YouTube playlist that consists of balanced raw food recipes that we’ve received from trusted sources. When it comes to feeding raw, however, just be sure that it is a balanced diet.


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