Does Your Cat Have A Food Insecurity?

When cats are aggressive at mealtime or picky about where they eat we call this food insecurity. Our Maggie Mae came to us when we lived in Illinois. We lived in the country and our neighbors down the road from us had a cat colony on their property. Maggie lived there...

Food Sensitivities In Cats

Cats will often develop food sensitivities if fed the same diet over an extended period of time. This is most common with proteins like fish or chicken. Cats in the wild will eat a variety of foods in the wild, so that’s how we want to feed them in our homes as...

How To Find The Best Food For Your Cat

Everyone is always asking us what the best food is to feed their kitties. We literally get this question multiple times per day. Can you imagine how much money we could make if we were willing to work with a pet food company to promote their brand? We don’t work...

MYTH: Senior Cats Need Less Meat

We’ve all heard from our vets that senior cats need less protein in their diets. This is categorically untrue and can be harmful to our older kitties. You see, one of the most common ailments that felines encounter, and unfortunately pass from is chronic kidney...

What To Do When Your Cat Refuses Wet Food

One of the most common excuses we hear for feeding a dry food diet to cats is that your cat refuses wet food. We all know that feeding a moisture rich diet is important for kitties, but kibble addicts can be difficult sometimes. If you’ve only offered your cat...
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