Everyone is always asking us what the best food is to feed their kitties. We literally get this question multiple times per day. Can you imagine how much money we could make if we were willing to work with a pet food company to promote their brand?

We don’t work with cat food companies, however, because we are very aware of the changes in the pet food industry. Even the best brands often sell out or lower the quality of their ingredients to increase profits. We don’t want to be a part of that industry.

There are ways that each cat parent can ensure that the foods they’re feeding their cats are safe and healthy. The best way to know that you’re feeding a balanced healthy diet is by making your cat’s food at home. You’ll need to educate yourself to be sure you’re getting the balance correct, but you’ll be the source of the ingredients instead of a third party – which is always best!

If you are unable or unwilling to make your cat’s food at home, here are ways to be sure you’re feeding the right food for your cat.

  • Read the ingredients in the food. Since cats are obligate carnivores, you’ll want to see meat as the first 4-5 ingredients. When checking the rest of the list, make sure you can, in fact, read them. Google ingredients you don’t know or, better yet, don’t feed it if you can’t read it.
  • Contact the manufacturing company and ask questions. For instance, what farm does the meat come from? Is the animal protein antibiotic free? Are the vegetables GMO?
  • Purchase a list of foods from someone who’s done all that work for you. Truth About Pet Food releases a yearly list with the approved cat and dog food brands and you can click here for that list.
  • Partner with a local healthy pet store and ask questions. There are thousands of healthy boutique stores around the country (and in other countries) that research each brand deeply and the owners/workers will be happy to give you the information they know about the different brands and help you pick the right one for your kitty!


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