Here’s the thing… most people are hesitant to feed their cats fresh food because of the expense. However, making cat food at home is a very inexpensive and healthy way to get your kitty eating a better diet.

When we decided to start making cat food ourselves (so that we could save money) we freaked out. Adrienne was mainly freaked out because she thinks raw meat is totally gross. But more than that – we were both so scared to get it wrong. We worried about our kitties getting sick and it being our fault. What if we didn’t balance it correctly? Would we cause the health problems we were trying so hard to avoid?

But we couldn’t always afford to buy pre-made, commercial raw food.

So we decided to just get started. And we followed other cat parent’s recipes that we trusted.

We decided to document our journey so that other kitty parents – like you – could have an easy guide on how to save money and feed a fresh food diet. Making cat food at home is really the way to do this.

Think about it… when you make homemade cat food you are in control of the ingredients. You are the source, so you get to determine the quality of each component you include. You also have the luxury of adjusting the consistency of the food, based on whatever your kitties like.

Did I mention that you’ll also be saving money?

If you have multiple cats, purchasing healthy foods for them can become very expensive. Believe me, we know. But if you partner with your local butcher – or do coupon shopping – you can make excellent quality food at a fraction of the cost.

It only costs more time – and we know pet parents who have perfected this healthy time management. Honestly, we’re still working on it – but just taking one Sunday out of our month to prepare and freeze a month’s worth of food is the easiest way to save both time and money!

Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Or – if you already prepare your own cat food – please comment with your favorite tips and tricks!



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