Minnow Munchies for Cats

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Your cats will devour these yummy minnows! Single ingredient Minnow Munchies are wild caught from the clear, clean waters of Wisconsin and freeze dried into total yummy-ness. Treat your cat to a healthy alternative that they are sure to LOVE!

Purrfect for:

  • Training cats
  • Treating cats
  • Loving cats
  • Distracting cats 😉

In stock (can be backordered)

This is our kitties' most favorite treat of all time so we're excited to share them with you!

Single ingredient protein: fresh, raw, whole minnows. No added hormones or antibiotics, no fillers, flavorings or rendered by-products, ever!

Have Questions? Shoot us a text (702-466-1150) or email (info@twocrazycatladies.com) or leave us a message in the box below! 

Additional information

Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 5 in

39 reviews for Minnow Munchies for Cats

Based on 39 reviews
  1. Michelle M Miller (Verified Customer)

    Funny to look at but my cat goes crazy for them!

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  2. Teri Wheelan (Verified Customer)

    Unfortunately, my picky girl does not like them, but I’m going to pass them on to my daughter for her cats.

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  3. Tina (Verified Customer)

    My cats know the sound of the bag and come running before I even open it! Usually each cat has there own spot for treats, but not when it comes to these. They are all right at my feet, making sure they get their share.

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  4. Ursula (Verified Customer)

    I’ve just purchased 3 more bags because Monty loves these! I got him a bag for his Christmas stocking and I bought a bag for my sister’s cats and my mom’s cats for gifts as well. I love the simplicity of them and I don’t feel guilty about giving these treats because I know exactly what’s in them. They’re kinda stinky but most cat treats are, right?
    You will not be disappointed!

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  5. Jo-Ann Sasali (Verified Customer)

    My cats act like they are hunting when I give them these. They carry them around just like they caught them .

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  6. Corinne Wood (Verified Customer)

    Some of my like them and some don’t. You can never tell with cats. One day they will eat something, the next day they won’t. Go figure.

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  7. ANDREW HUNTER (Verified Customer)

    My cats all love these and I think they are safe to give them.

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  8. Lynn Taylor (Verified Customer)

    Grey went right after the minnows. I barely got them open.

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  9. Rita Collins (Verified Customer)

    All three of my fur babies LOVE these minnows. As soon as I start to open the bag, they all come running to get them. So glad to have something for them that is healthy and that they all love!

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  10. Karen (Verified Customer)

    Neither cat was interested at all.

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  11. Sasha (Verified Customer)

    My cat goes crazy for this snack! She hears the bag being opened and she starts to purr really loud. I feel good giving her a healthy snack that she actually loves.

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  12. Nancy Adams (Verified Customer)

    I am sorry to say that none of my three cats would even venture a second glance at these treats! I was so disappointed. I was truly hoping for a nutritious savory treat that they would love as they go crazy if they smell any fish! Will try at a later time.

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  13. Kami Stevens (Verified Customer)

    None of the crew were interested at first, so I left a few minnows in their treat dish and the boy gobbled them up after a couple days. Now two of the three eat the minnows whenever offered, the third will eat them if nothing else is to her liking. Overall, they are worth having on hand and I will buy more.

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  14. Karen Cerami (Verified Customer)

    My cats go nuts over the minnows. I ran out and he would keep patting my arm and look at me waiting for his treats😂😂 I always keep them stocked when I hit one bag I order them.

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  15. Kirsten Ripley (Verified Customer)

    My kitty loves these!! He finds the bag and knocks it down to remind me to give him his treats! I love that the are natural and he does too!

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  16. Jenna (Verified Customer)

    Wow. I give these 10 stars! These were a major hit! My babies LOVE these! I wish I could buy them in bulk, lol. I have 5 cats and only one bag so I’ll definitely be ordering more! Their faces when they see a little minnow coming their way is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. They get so happy! Thank you!

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  17. JD (Verified Customer)

    My girl wants these all the time! She is always up for treats, but the minnows are her absolute favorite!! Would definitely buy a larger bag if it were available to purchase.

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  18. Emily

    My cat wouldn’t even touch these unfortunately! I was really hoping he would because they’re a more natural snack for him, but he showed no interest!

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  19. Brenda (Verified Customer)

    My kittens go crazy for them! Will definitely order again.

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  20. Linda Rose Stahl (Verified Customer)

    they gobble these fishes like crazy, man!!! thanks

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  21. anna.havard1974 (Verified Customer)

    All the cats went nuts over them. What was given out you can’t find traces of them left. 🌺😻

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  22. Nannette cosenza (Verified Customer)

    First, the price is way too high for such a small amount. Second, my cats have weird eating habits. They did not like these minnows at all so I’m treating the neighborhood strays.

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  23. Madison Moreno (Verified Customer)

    My kitties love these crunchy, fishy treats that are real. Great feeling comfortable knowing I’m giving my kitties some safe and good for them.

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  24. Crystal (Verified Customer)

    Picky cat approved! She stalks me begging for more after I put the bag away.

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  25. Crystal (Verified Customer)

    Kitty approved! She stalks me begging for more after I put the bag away.

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  26. Paris M. (Verified Customer)

    OMG!! These are the BEST!
    Over the last year, I’s spent over $300 worth (yeah I know!!) of cat toys for my little guy but all he’d wanna play with were the crumbled store receipts and little balls made of aluminum foils, lol. But these balls are sent from Heaven. We are on day 3 playing with these bouncy balls and Archie approves 100% !!
    I just placed another order for 3 more. If you live in a bigger place, they are quite easy to get lost around the house, hence we need back up!

    And, remember, these two ladies are cat people!! They know what they are doing, unlike big names/manufacturers that make hit or miss toys.
    Get these for your fur babies and you will have a blast!!

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  27. Hilda Holt (Verified Customer)

    My cats sniffed at the Minnows and walked away. They would not eat them.

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  28. Emily (Verified Customer)

    One cat loves them. He practically inhales them if I let him. The other cat won’t touch them. I guess it’s an individual preference. But overall, they are high quality and I hav no complaints.

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  29. Linda Hall (Verified Customer)

    As feline behaviorists, we use treats to teach appropriate behaviors often. These are pure protein and much better choices to avoid having obese cats!

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  30. Britney (Verified Customer)

    My cat absolutley loves these minnows! He always comes running when he hears the bag!!

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  31. Polly Thornton (Verified Customer)

    I’m sure these are great and some cats no doubt love them! All 3 of my rescue cats tried them, twice, but apparently the product wasn’t to their liking. But I LOVE the idea! Will share with my family & friends who have kitties!

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  32. jesse (Verified Customer)

    my kitties love these and i feel good about giving them such a healthy treat

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  33. Erin Hicks (Verified Customer)

    If you want to see your cats go crazy with joy, give them Minnow Munchies! Our cats received a package in their Christmas stocking and we have been slowly working our way through them as treats. They adore these freeze dried fish and we will be sure to buy more in the future.

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  34. Nancie Rooney (Verified Customer)

    My kitties love these freeze-dried minnows! They love the crunch and go crazy for the scent. It’s fun to hide them and watch kitties fo on the hunt!

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  35. Nancie Rooney (Verified Customer)

    All four kitties love these freeze-dried minnows! They love the crunch and go crazy for the scent. It’s fun to hide them and watch kitties fo on the hunt!

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  36. Celeste W. (Verified Customer)

    Always a favorite treat!

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  37. Tina Rankin (Verified Customer)

    These keep me from being kicked out of my house by my cat

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  38. Bonnie C. (Verified Customer)

    My cats love these and they don’t cause any allergies as my guys don’t do well with fish. Love these!!

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  39. Madison (Verified Customer)

    Kitties love this special treat!

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