One of the most common excuses we hear for feeding a dry food diet to cats is that your cat refuses wet food. We all know that feeding a moisture rich diet is important for kitties, but kibble addicts can be difficult sometimes.

If you’ve only offered your cat one type of wet food once and they refused it, you have to try harder. We teach cats what food is, so if they’ve only been fed one type of kibble their whole lives they may look at you like you’re giving them a foreign object if you put canned food in front of them. Try different types of flavors and either mix a little of the wet in the dry or place it next to the dry food. Your cat will need to relearn what food is.

Okay, okay… maybe you’ve tried mixing wet food in with the kibble and they still refuse to eat. We can’t starve our cats, but hunger is your friend.

I repeat, Hunger Is Your Friend

One of the most common reasons cats refuse wet food is because they have an all-day-buffet of dry food available to them. Free feeding is not how cats were designed to consume their food. Think about it… in the wild, cats don’t have a buffet a food. Instead they hunt their prey and eat smaller meals several times per day.

If your cat refuses wet food, the easiest way to start getting her to eat it is to pick up the dry food before you go to bed at night. Your kitty will fast throughout the night, which is very good for them, and be hungry in the morning. Before putting the dry food back down, offer wet food first. 90% of the time your cat will eat the food you provide when hungry.

This is also how we guide our customers to give their dry fed cats healthy supplements. It works like a charm!



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