Lately we’ve had so many cat parents asking us how to change your cat’s food to a better diet when they’re picky. Cats will be cats, and many kitties are finicky when it comes to their food. We teach them what food is at a young age and they can get confused if we suddenly try to change it up.

Studies show that cats will eat a better diet if given the option over time. This means we have to be patience and persistent sometimes. Many will just give up when their cats refuse a new food, but the effort is worth it. Transitioning your cat’s diet to something healthier will show in her coat and energy levels first.

Feeding your cat a moisture rich, species appropriate diet should be the goal for our family members. If you are on a budget and feeding feral kitties this may not be possible, but you can still upgrade their food options. A fed cat is always better than a starving cat, so make sure your kitties eat!

We have set up a step by step guide on how to change your cat’s food from kibble to a species appropriate raw diet and you can find that by clicking here.

These are the steps we took to successfully switch 5 of our cats (all different ages and levels of pickiness) to a fresh food diet.

  1. Start by picking up the all day buffet. Cats should not be free fed anyway, so start scheduling feeding times.
  2. Next, mix a little wet food into their dry food and increase the amount over time. If they don’t go for it at first, put some wet outside the dry food where your cat can smell it while eating. This will help your kitty to start associating the smell as food.
  3. Once your cat is eating a moisture rich diet, repeat this process by adding a little of the balanced raw food into the wet. Again, if they don’t go for it place a spoon full of the raw outside the wet. Slowly decrease the wet and increase the raw until your kitty is eating a fully balanced species appropriate diet!

The benefits of feeding a better diet will be that you’ll have a healthier, happier cat who will likely live a longer life with you!


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