We’ve all heard from our vets that senior cats need less protein in their diets. This is categorically untrue and can be harmful to our older kitties.

You see, one of the most common ailments that felines encounter, and unfortunately pass from is chronic kidney disease. Research shows that limiting  phosphorus levels in cats with CKD will slow the progression. Since phosphorous is found in animal protein (meat), then the idea was that we can lower the amount of meat that we feed our senior cats and it will help.

The problem is that cats are obligate carnivores. That means that cats are literally obligated to eat a high level of animal protein to survive. When we lower the protein we feed, they begin to fade away. Senior cats need even more protein than the average cat to support their muscle mass and prevent degeneration.

It is true that, if we feed our cats the low quality protein included in the overwhelming majority of commercial cat foods, it can be harmful to their kidneys and other organs – but that’s at any age. In fact, it’s believed by many respected veterinarians that the dry food we feed our kitties is the root cause of the chronic illnesses they now face.

So what can we do to avoid or help kidney disease in our kitties?

Here’s what we did to stop the progression of CKD in two of our cats. One was in early stages and the other was in stage 2 renal failure. Both cats improved in kidney levels and lived out the rest of their lives without suffering from CKD.

  1. We switched the diet from processed to a balanced fresh food diet made with eggshell calcium (lowering calcium/phosphorus levels). A higher quality protein is highly recommended for senior cats. You can make this yourself or purchase from a reputable raw pet food company.
  2. We gave them the Kitty Kidney Kit each day in their meals. Link below.
  3. We also supplemented their daily meals with milk thistle, which is a great way to flush the liver and kidneys and detoxify your kitties.

These steps really help with renal issues but will also increase immunity health, skin/coat, energy levels and digestive health!


Recommended Product for Kidney Health in Cats


Kitty Kidney Kit



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