The Truth About Vegan Diets For Cats

Some recent ‘research’ about vegan diets for cats is bogus. Even the study itself says so – you just have to read past the headlines. “Vegan Diet Healthier For Cats Than Meat…” and “Cats on plant-based diet tend to be...

Can I Feed My Cat Meat?

Cats are obligate carnivores – needing real meat in their diet. But can we feed them just meat alone? Many cats are big fans of canned tuna, chicken – even the mysterious potted meat. People often ask us if it’s OK to feed their cat these canned...

Do Cats Need Vegetables In Their Diet?

You likely grew up being told to eat your veggies – but do cats need vegetables in their diet? This may seem like an odd question. All cats – from the smallest little kitty to huge lions – are obligate carnivores. This means they solely depend on...

Will Grain-Free Cat Food Cause Heart Problems?

The hype about grain-free cat food started back in 2018. The FDA released a statement that they were investigating a connection between grain-free foods and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)… In dogs. So why does a quick internet search return so many results for...
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