Does Food Equal Happiness And Health?

The biggest reason that cats are overfed is because humans believe that food equals happiness. We also believe that our cats will be healthier and love us more if they have food available all the time. But nothing could be further from the truth. You see, many of us...

What You THINK Is In Cat Food May Not Be

Pet food companies are allowed to be deceiving with their packaging techniques. What we think is in cat food – because the bag tells us so – is often nearly undetectable. You see, according to the guidelines, if a company includes an image on their bag of...
DIY Cat Food Puzzles

DIY Cat Food Puzzles

Cat food puzzles are beneficial for cats for many reasons. We first learned how helpful they can be when one of our girls had a habit of scarfing and then barfing her food. We needed to find a way to slow down her eating so her body had a chance to keep it down. Our...
Food Topper Trick For Kibble Addicted Cat

Food Topper Trick For Kibble Addicted Cat

Are you looking for a food topper trick to help your picky kitties eat a better diet? A moisture rich diet is the best diet for our feline friends, however some cats just don’t want to switch from their kibble or dry food to a healthier diet. Good news, we have some...
How To Make A Kibble Diet Better

How To Make A Kibble Diet Better

If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you know that we don’t recommend a kibble diet for cats. However, many beautiful cat parents are on a tight budget when it comes to feeding their kitties. Yes, a kibble diet is convenient and inexpensive but...
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